Who is Megan Imirowicz? Wiki, Bio, Age, Breaks Silence on Shock Jail Release Despite Being Found Guilty

Megan Imirowicz Wiki – Megan Imirowicz Bio

Megan Imirowicz, A shocked and grateful Megan Imirowicz walked out of prison on Wednesday after getting time served for causing the death of her 64-year-old father, Konrad, in their Detroit home on October 1, 2021.

“I was praying for a miracle today, and that’s what I got. I’m really happy,” Imirowicz told Court TV.

The 19-year-old revealed to the news outlet that she made an unlikely friend during her 17-month incarceration.

Imirowicz said that her best friend, Jennifer Crumbley-the mother of convicted Oxford High School shooter Ethan-helped her write the speech she conveyed to the court during her sentencing on Tuesday.

When asked if she got any advice from anyone on what to say, Imirowicz told Court TV: “Yes, I have a best friend that’s in jail, and she was with me throughout this whole thing, and she helped me.”

When asked who the person was, the teen said: “Jennifer Crumbley.”

“She [Crumbley] just told me to speak with my heart. She helped me write out the things I didn’t know how to put into words,” Imirowicz said about Crumbley’s advice from her.


Megan Imirowicz is 19 years old.

Breaks Silence on Shock Jail Release Despite Being Found Guilty

Crumbley, and her husband, James, are currently in prison awaiting trial for their role in the 2021 Oxford school shooting carried out by their son.

The parents pleaded not guilty to four counts of involuntary manslaughter after their son went on a rampage at his high school, killing four and injuring three others.

Meanwhile, a judge sentenced Imirowicz to a year in prison but she received time served for the 17 months she was in jail.

Dressed in a black and white jumpsuit, the 19-year-old passionately denied de ella taking her father’s life de ella during a high-spirited outburst that included Bible verses.

“The evil are ensnared by the transgressions of their lips, but the righteous escape from trouble,” she said in court on Tuesday, quoting Proverbs 12:13.

Imirowicz had been highly emotional throughout proceedings, but prosecutors urged the court to ignore her desperate actions by her, claiming that she lied to protect herself after her father’s death by her.

The teen threw lye on her father de ella on October 1, 2021, when he was heavily intoxicated inside their Detroit home, prosecutors said.

Konrad was supposed to drive her to the hair salon for an appointment before her 18th birthday, but his alleged struggle with alcoholism had rendered him useless.

The furious daughter threw the lye and water on her sleeping body, leaving him with life-threatening chemical burns, prosecutors argued.

The 64-year-old suffered in the hospital until his death from him on March 6, 2022, three days after he was taken off life support.

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Imirowicz maintained her innocence in her interview with Court TV: “I never threw any chemicals on my dad. I would never intentionally hurt my dad, and everything that was ever said about it were lies that I can’t believe were told.”


The teen went on to allege her brother de ella, Austin, was the one who hurt her father de ella.

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