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Melissa Witt’s In January 1995, two trappers made a grisly discovery in the Ozark National Forest in northern Arkansas. It was the body of Melissa Witt, a 19-year-old college student who had last been seen at a bowling alley in Fort Smith six weeks earlier.

Her body was naked and she had been strangled to death.

Melissa’s car was found in an alleyway along with a pool of blood shortly after she disappeared.

But despite that, the trail went cold and cops were unable to find a suspect.

One private investigator has told The U.S. Sun she believes a name found in Melissa’s diary may prove to be crucial in cracking the tragic cold case.

Local author LaDonna Humphrey has dedicated years to investigating the case.

LaDonna has written several books on the case and helped produce an Amazon Prime documentary about Melissa’s life.

Melissa Witt’s Age

Melissa Witt’s Age is 19 years old.

Her murder after abduction from parking lot

Many believe Melissa’s killer to be convicted murderer Larry Swearingen.
Swearingen, an electrician from Texas, was visiting his family in Arkansas at the time of Melissa Witt’s disappearance.

LaDonna told The U.S. Sun: “We are looking at some top suspects, Swearingen being one of them, another was someone who Melissa knew, whose name was in her diary.

“There’s a lot of evidence that points to his potential involvement in the case.”

Swearingen was sentenced to death for his role in a separate murder, that of Melissa Trotter, in eerily similar circumstances to that of Melissa Witt.

But LaDonna believes that this other name could blow the case wide open.

She went on: “I am absolutely confident that if we can prove this suspect’s involvement in the case, that we will be able to see him charged.

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“I think we’re closer now than we ever have been and that’s exciting to me.

“I’ve spent eight years of my life on this case, that’s more than some marriages last!”

She added: “I’m determined to see justice and I believe there’s a strong possibility that an arrest is imminent.”

LaDonna also explained why Melissa’s case continues to have a powerful hold over Fort Smith some three decades on.

“Melissa belonged to the community,” she said. “She was everybody’s girl.

“This all-American, beautiful teenager… they want justice for her. That’s pretty apparent in everything we see. “People are never going to be able to let go of this case because they want to know what happened.


“And many of us who grew up in the area know about the Witt case and we want to see it solved.”