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Americans might be “so proud of that ratty old flag,” as Johnny Cash famously sung. After posting a video complaining about the abundance of American flags flying across the nation, an Australian TikToker traveling across the US felt the wrath of American patriotism. She was eventually forced to deactivate her accounts after receiving harsh criticism, including from the governor of Texas.

In a video of her walking through a suburban area in the Land of the Free, Mia Chloe said, “I’m just going to say it… there are too many American flags.” The TikToker asserted that the only nation he has ever visited that raises or bangs a flag at every opportunity is the United States.They are in the homes and the vehicles. In the now-deleted video, she states, “I saw them on the sofa cushions. Chloe admitted that if she had to, she couldn’t even point to her country’s flag.

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The only Australian flag I’ve ever seen was flying over the Sydney Harbor Bridge.I couldn’t describe the appearance to you,” she remarked. I am aware that it is blue and has some stars.But she claimed that because she had the American flag emblazoned over her face ever since she arrived in the country, she was able to “draw the American flag from memory.” The Australian appealed to the Americans in general, saying, “It’s enough.” ”

Let’s remain modest,” Chloe faced a barrage of criticism for her views on American patriotism, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent her a severe message. The video was retweeted by the governor of the Lone Star state along with the message, “Go back to Australia,” after Chloe erased it from her account.Chloe shut down her @meanderwithmedia account.

After it became apparent that Americans didn’t enjoy the Australian calling the country proud and exhibiting her patriotism, she deleted her TikTok page. The discussion surrounding Abbott’s retweet revolved around his inability to comprehend why Americans were so incredibly proud of the Stars and Stripes.”America is too American.

I don’t get it,” a user said, making fun of the Australian. “Yes, we are pleased to be a unique country. I offer the fact that she, a hater, yet made the effort to visit as proof. LOL,” wrote one user. One person wrote, “If only she understood the significance of that flag.”Another said, referring to the pride Texans have in their state flag, “Wait until she comes to Texas and sees all our flags. Even a person who identified himself as a fellow Australian expressed outrage over the video. ”

As an Australian who just returned from a two-week stay in Texas, I found the flags’ presence to be motivational. He tweeted at @AussieOverLawd, “I wish we had that kind of patriotism at home. “Unfortunately, these kids don’t have any sense of national pride or respect for other people. Additionally, I have observed a matching lack of regard and politeness towards others.According to Fox News, this is not the Australian’s first issue with the United States.

According to the source, Chloe was seen moaning about how American stores are “a trap” in a another video taken inside a Walmart. She described Kansas as “unlivable” in another.In a now-deleted video posted on August 4, Chloe was heard saying, “I am currently in Kansas,” according to the outlet. Despite the fact that the sky is currently blue. Give it an hour, and a thunderstorm with lightning will appear. You’re going to be trapped in a hailstorm, for real.


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