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Michael Burham, ‘Dangerous,’ self-taught survivalist Michael Burham used bedsheets to rappel out of the Pennsylvania jail where he was being held on murder and rape charges last week after using a pull-up machine to gain access to the building’s roof.

Burham, 34, has been on the run since last Thursday when he escaped from Warren County. The jail is in a remote part of the state just 70 miles southeast of Lake Erie, next to the Allegheny National Forest.

Some 150 law enforcement officers are looking for Burham, who was being held on a slew of charges and is the prime suspect in the shooting death of a woman in May.


Michael Burham is 34 years old.

Escaped From Warren County Jail Used Bedsheets to Rappel Out of Pennsylvania Jail

Earlier this week, investigators found mini campsites near the jail where they believe he could have stayed.

Now, Pennsylvania State Police are probing whether or not Burham had help from someone working in the jail.

Burham has an extensive military background, spending more than 10 years in the Army Reserve, where he served as a water treatment specialist.

Fox News cites military sources who say that while he never deployed, he sought additional firearms training in the Reserve.

Authorities say he is a ‘self-trained survivalist’ who could now hide in the Allegheny National Forest — which covers more than half a million acres of rural Pennsylvania on the New York border.

District Attorney Jason Schmidt of Chautauqua County, New York, said last month that Burham is the prime suspect in the May 11 killing of Kala Hodgkin, 34, and a related arson in Jamestown, New York.

He was wanted on a separate charge for raping her at the time of her death.

After allegedly shooting her dead, he ran for two weeks, hijacking an elderly couple’s car.

He was eventually arrested on May 24 and was brought into custody.

The young mother was found dead in her home after a 911 call reported shots fired.

Authorities also accuse him of abducting an elderly couple in Pennsylvania while trying to evade capture before his arrest in South Carolina.

Warren city police said Burham ‘is considered very dangerous’ but is leaving ‘breadcrumbs’ in his wake that are helping the authorities.

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‘They’re chasing a ghost right now. But he’s dropping breadcrumbs. That’s a good thing — those are mistakes on his behalf.

“He could be a survivalist, but so are the US Marshals. Once that noose starts tightening and they make that mistake, it’s all over,’ said Lenny DePaul, a retired commander of the US Marshals Service, told The New York Post.


The US Marshals Service is offering a reward of up to $7,500 for information that helps lead to Burham’s capture. Warren County Crime Stoppers is offering another $2,000.