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Monica De Leon Barba, A breakthrough has finally been made for the family of a San Mateo lady who was kidnapped in Mexico eight months ago: She is finally returning home, as reported by FBI officials on Saturday, July 15. Monica De Leon Barba, from San Mateo County, California, was apparently kidnapped while walking home from work with her dog on November 29.

A news release from the FBI stated that 40-year-old Barba was released from captivity on Friday, July 14, adding that she is currently traveling back home. Although no one has been taken into custody, the FBI is collaborating with Mexican authorities to identify potential culprits. No other information was given, and no explanation for why she was abducted remains unresolved, as per CBS News.


Monica De Leon Barba is 40 years old.

California Woman Freed After Being Kidnapped and Detained

Monica De Leon Barba is a 40-year-old California native, who had moved to Mexico for a job opportunity in photography. Barba was kidnapped in 2022 while walking her dog in Tepatitlan, Mexico. According to the FBI, Barba was last seen getting into a vehicle on November 29, 2022, as she was making her way home from work in Tepatitlan, Jalisco, not far from Guadalajara. An inquiry was immediately launched by the FBI to look into her kidnapping de ella and offered a reward of $40,000 for information leading to Barba’s whereabouts de ella.

The FBI went on to release some footage of Barba linked to the kidnapping, where she can be seen walking with her dog in the first video as three of the vehicles used in her kidnapping — a gray Dodge Charger, a silver Volkswagen Jetta, and a white Chevrolet Suburban — slowly drive by. The second video shows the kidnapping in action as Barba can be seen with the suspects approaching her when they exit their cars. After pushing her into the Jetta, the suspects got into the cars and left, as seen in the video.

Although the cause of the kidnapping was unclear, Barba’s release of her was a constant concern during her captivity, said the FBI. Robert Tripp, the FBI special agent in charge of the San Francisco office, said in a statement, “For the past eight months, FBI personnel in California and Mexico have worked tirelessly with the family and with partners here and in Mexico. Our relief and Joy at the safe return of Monica is profound. The FBI investigation is far from over, but we can now work this case knowing an innocent victim is reunited with her family.”

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The FBI had no information on her kidnappers and had never brought up drug posters in discussions of the investigation. However, according to Barba’s brother de ella, the FBI claimed that requests were made during her kidnapping de ella, but they have not yet responded to any demands. The FBI San Francisco released a statement on Saturday, July 15, stating, “No arrests have been made, and an investigation into the identity of her captors remains ongoing.”


Barba’s safe release of her following a protracted ordeal emphasizes the cooperation between the US and Mexican law enforcement authorities. In an effort to find those guilty of her kidnapping from her, an investigation into it is underway. The emphasis is now on helping Barba heal from her dreadful ordeal de ella and reunite with her family de ella.