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A man from the UK was allegedly tied to a chair and killed with a lethal injection after falling in love with a 19-year-old woman whom he met after moving to live in Turkey.Murat Arpapay, 57, still had family in England when he decided to move to live in Turkey and start a new life with friends he met online from Istanbul. But locals discovered the man’s body in the ventilation shaft of a rented apartment and reported it to police on July 27.

His body was taken to the Sirinevler Forensic Medicine Institute, as it was considered a suspicious death and an autopsy revealed that he had been killed by a chemical injection. Following the report, the police initiated an investigation into the incident. After reviewing security camera footage, it was found that Mr Arpapay arrived at the apartment where his body was later discovered with a woman called Muhterem Percikli, 19, who is said to have been his girlfriend.

Ms Percikli was taken into custody by police who also identified three alleged accomplices – Serpil Demir, Dogan Sariyildiz, and Fatih Erginoglu – who had entered the apartment shortly after the couple. A fifth suspect was also identified as Ersen Basak. According to the statements provided by the suspects, Mr Arpapay, who had met Ersen Basak on social media, had lived in England for many years. After returning to Turkey, he told Basak that he supported himself with money sent by his family from England.Upon discovering that he kept the money at his residence, Basak allegedly devised a plan and sought assistance from Percikli and her friend, Demir, to steal the funds. The idea was for Percikli and Demir to visit a cafe owned by Basak, where they would meet the victim who would be sitting there

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Murat Arpapay age is 57 years old:

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It is claimed that Percikli got to know Mr Arpapay, becoming friends and later developing a romantic relationship. On the day of the incident, Percikli met Mr Arpapay at a rented apartment and shortly afterwards Demir, Sariyildiz, and Erginoglu also went to the same place.There Mr Arpapay allegedly had his hands tied and was injected with a chemical substance using a needle, resulting in his death. The suspects then left the scene after allegedly placing his body in the ventilation shaft of the building.

Basak, the supposed mastermind of the plan, then entered the apartment, took his money and fled to Georgia, while Sariyildiz and Erginoglu, who allegedly committed the murder, escaped to Cyprus. Following the incident, Demir and Percikli, who were taken into custody, were subsequently arrested by the court. The investigation is ongoing..


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