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Nathaniel Walter Radimak A Tesla driver linked to a string of violent attacks in multiple road rage incidents across California has been sentenced to five years in prison for his menacing actions, according to a report.

Nathaniel Walter Radimak, 36, dubbed “Tesla road rage guy,” was convicted on Monday on several criminal counts during his rampage from 2022 to 2023, ABC7 reported.

He was found guilty of criminal threats, vandalism, assault, and elder abuse.

“I feel like it’s definitely still not over, especially because five years isn’t enough,” a victim of Radimak’s rage, identified as Gracia, told the outlet.

Radimak was arrested in late January in Torrance by California Highway Patrol’s Southern Division Major Crimes Unit members in connection to one of his many viral outbursts.

Law enforcement found steroids and more than $30,000 in his car at the time of his arrest, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office said.

“I just feel like he is going to get out and be infuriated, especially since all our names are out in public record, for the majority of us,” Gracia said.

Her fear comes from a run-in with Radimak in November 2022 at a storage facility in Atwater Village, a Los Angeles neighborhood.

Nathaniel Walter Radimak Age

Nathaniel Walter Radimak age is 36 years old.

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Sentenced to 5 years in Prison in California

The Tesla-driving maniac began unprovokedly harassing Garcia and followed her in his car after she tried to escape Radimak.

Recording the encounter for her safety, Radimak tells Garcia she better “go outside Cali where you came from” and hurled expletives at her after catching up with the fleeing victim.

Gracia told Radimak that she was “born and raised in LA” during the stressful attack, the outlet said.

Radimak’s rage continued later that day after he allegedly got out of his Tesla on a freeway and broke one of her headlights.

“He went around me and completely stopped, and this was on a full freeway, and he just got out of the car and started hitting me,” a victim identified as Gabi told the outlet in the wake of Radimak’s sentencing.

“I felt if I didn’t get away, he would have cracked my window.”

Radimak was also accused of using a pipe to strike a car on a freeway in Glendale, prosecutors said on Jan. 11 following his arrest.

In the video of the attack, Radimak, dressed in a green T-shirt, dark jeans, and a black mask, jumped out of his charcoal-colored 2022 Tesla Model X, bearing no license plates and welding a pipe.

The maniac then starts violently swinging the weapon at the Chevy pickup truck behind him several times before getting into his car and taking off.
“Initially you think, ‘Should I pin him to the wall with my car?’ ‘Should I run him down?’ ‘What should I do?’” the victim told the station KTLA in January.

His rage continued later that day after the Tesla thug allegedly tailed a couple to a shopping mall in Pasadena, nearly hitting their vehicle twice with his car and then reportedly got out of his Tesla and struck their vehicle with a metal pole as well, prosecutors revealed early this year.

Radimak additionally has a pending case in which he is suspected of attacking another driver in a road-rage incident that took place in Hollywood back in January 2020.

The 36-year-old also is accused of threatening to assault a 74-year-old woman outside a doctor’s office in Glendale in June 2022.

Other alleged victims have contacted ABC7, saying their reports of incidents involving Radimak were never submitted to the district attorney’s office.


“We feel like justice has been served, although we also feel that a lot of the victims haven’t been heard,” said Gracia.