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35-year-old Nermin Sulejmanovic started a live broadcast on Instagram saying, “The audience will see what a live murder is like,” and then took a gun and shot at the woman. He later said on Instagram that he killed several people and tried to target a police officer. “I shot at the police but he escaped. He fled in a Skoda and I couldn’t catch up with him in my BMW,” he said. Tuzla Canton Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to that at least three people were killed and many injured. Tuzla Canton police said his name is Nermin Sulejmanovic He said they were trying to apprehend the alleged shooter. “The teams of the Special Support Police Unit were also sent to the scene,” the statement said.

Nermin Sulejmanovic Age

Nermin Sulejmanovic  age is 35 years old:

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Incident Detail

This afternoon in Bosnia, a gunman murdered three people, including his ex-wife, and then pointed the gun at himself.The suspect is said to have filmed his anger before uploading it to social media. In addition to the three fatal victims, three more were injured. Among the dead are his ex-wife, a father and son.Bosnian media report the suspect as 35-year-old Nermin Sulejmanović, who is said to have broadcast the heinous murder spree live. He injured another man and woman in different parts of Gradačac.

Before she took her own life, she said on Instagram: “Whoever reported me to the police, I didn’t do well. Maybe I couldn’t reach someone but now it’s all over.” During his comment, he listed all the people he had killed during the attack. “I shot at the police but he got away. He got away with a Skoda, I couldn’t catch him with a BMW,” said Sulejmanović.Fear spread throughout the city after his dire warning, “I’m waiting to load my gun before continuing.” N1 reported that Sulejmanović killed his ex-wife and two men, a father and a son, injured a police officer and another man and woman in different parts of the city.The local mayor, Edis Dervišagić, declared a state of emergency in the northeastern town. “There is a kind of state of emergency in Gradačac. Citizens have been ordered to stay away from public places. Police are intensely searching for the killer, reinforcements are on the ground, I hope the suffering ends soon.”

Tuzla Canton Chief Prosecutor’s Office confirmed some details about the victims and the suspect in a statement. “Suspect Nermin Sulejmanović (35) from Gradačac was found by police forces in a larger area of Gradačac. He committed suicide.”Prosecutors in neighboring Croatia added: “The police forces are on the ground. The investigation will be conducted by the prosecutor in charge in cooperation with the inspectors of the Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia and the inspectors of the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the Gradačac Police Department.”


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