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Nevaeh Fugate, A one-year-old girl has drowned in just nine inches of water left at the bottom of a kiddie pool at her Louisiana home.

Nevaeh Fugate and her four-year-old sibling de ella were playing in the backyard of their Kenner home on Thursday night when a dog knocked the toddler into the pool.

It had been mostly drained but still had about nine inches of water left on the bottom, a spokesman for the local police department told KVUE.

‘It was only nine inches of water in that pool,’ Kenner Police Department spokesman Michael Cunningham said. ‘It is a tragic event.’

The children’s grandfather was supposed to be watching the children at the time and may now face negligent homicide charges.

Police said they received a call about a drowning at around 8.15pm on Thursday, and when officers arrived at the scene of the Davidson Place home, a 4-year-old explained what had happened.

Cunningham said that when Nevaeh was pulled from the pool, she still had a pulse, but she later died.

Her grieving mother of Ella, Sandra Fugate, has full custody of her four children but said her father of Ella was watching them at the time.

Authorities say an investigation into Nevaeh’s death is ongoing.

It will include further interviews with the four-year-old witness and a toxicology report from the adult.


Nevaeh Fugate is one years old,

Toddler Drowns in Nine inches of Water

Charging decisions could hinge on those results, but KVUE legal analyst Joe Raspanti said the ‘largest charge that they can bring in this case’ is likely negligent homicide, which carries a zero to five-year penalty.

‘That would be the one that, if they’re looking to try and put him in jail, that they would charge him with,’ Raspanti said, though he noted that negligent homicide is more often charged in relation to deadly car crashes.

In the meantime, Sandra, who has described herself as a struggling single mom of four, is trying to raise money for Nevaeh’s funeral for her.

She created a GoFundMe almost immediately following Nevaeh’s death of her on Thursday, writing: ‘I need help with giving her a proper, meaningful burial, anything would help.’ As of Tuesday evening, it had raised more than $2,000.

Sandra’s recent Facebook posts reveal the depth of her grief from her.

On July 21, the morning after the toddler’s death, she shared photos of her baby girl writing: ‘My precious angel, I don’t under [stand] why God allows some things to happen, I just don’t get it.

‘[I’d] rather be gone baby girl, I wish I [could] have gave you my air from my lungs baby,’ she wrote, adding: ‘I can’t process and I can’t believe this. I just want to wake up and it be a dream.’

In another post later that day, Sandra said she was ‘just so angry with life, with God, with myself, and I’m so sorry Nevaeh my sweet angel, I’m so sorry baby.

‘I just want to hold you again, I want you to hug mommy again, just lay your head on me again baby,’ she continued.

The following day, Sandra also posted that she is ‘trying so hard to be strong for Nova, Krewe and Amiri,’ her de ella other children de ella.

‘My heart hurts so much, like I thought it hurt when I lost my momma, but losing my baby, not my baby, God, I just can’t process this,’ she wrote. ‘I’m supposed to be [their de ella] protector de ella and I’ve failed her, I’ve failed everyone.’

On Tuesday, she also wrote: ‘God, please hold onto my babies tight. They don’t understand and they don’t deserve to lose [their] baby neither.’

Nevaeh’s drowning death came just two days before an unidentified seven-year-old boy in Slidell, Louisiana drowned in a home’s above-ground pool.

Little information has been released about the case, but St. Tammany Parish coroner Dr. Charles Preston said the drowning death appeared to have happened when the boy was left ‘temporarily unattended.’

‘Sadly, these deaths occur all too often, and each and every one of them is avoidable,’ Preston said.

Officials and local doctors are now warning parents and guardians to keep a close watch of their children around water, with pediatrician Dr. Anna Suessman saying drownings can happen even in shallow water.

‘If a younger infant who doesn’t even know how to roll over yet, can’t prevent themselves, can’t get themselves up and out of the water, if they are surrounded by water in their nose and mouth area, they suffocate in that water,’ she explained.

The doctor says she employs strict water precautions with her own children.

‘First of all, you have to have a vocal response from an adult saying, “Yes, you can enter”‘ the water, Suessman said. ‘Feet first always. And then it depends on if you are wearing swimmies, who’s watching.

‘It really should be an adult in constant eyesight with no phones or any other distractions,’ she said.

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Drowning is the most common cause of death for children four and under, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are an average of 11 drownings each day in the United States.


Even near-drownings can leave victims with long-term disabilities from brain damage, experts warn.