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Noelle Obcarskas, 64, who waged a YouTube hate campaign against her neighbors during a violent fight over street parking, littering, Brexit and their pet turkey, faces jail today. Noelle Obcarskas, 64, posted videos showing her creating explosive standing rows; some of which were thirteen birds he kept in the front garden of the townhouse he called ‘Cluckingham Palace’. Neighbors called the police after complaints about the smell and loud gulping sounds made by the turkeys (one named Tom) and claimed Obcarskas was abusing them in the genteel cul-de-sac in the quaint Cheshire village of Pulford.

In one video, Obcarskas called company manager John McKimmie, 40, “a fat little bully with an incompetent wife” as she challenged him for deliberately blocking the driveway with large pieces of foam. He also posted a message about the father of two on a Facebook community page: “Words cannot and are inadequate to describe this full-fledged spectacle. “No wonder his children are left speechless and speechless when he tells them to say something in his presence.”

Vegan Obcarskas targeted Gareth Lloyd, 73, in his campaign after he complained about the smell of turkey. He called him and Mr McKimmie said ‘tw*ts’, ‘s*** heads’ and ‘s**ts’ and added: “They abandoned their indifferent business of writing off incompetent pisces women because they have nothing to say just because they’re women. To those little fools’ egos, they’re not even ladies.

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Noelle Obcarskas is 64 years old.

Woman facing jail over war with Neighbours on Youtube & Incident Detail

A WOMAN is facing jail for wagging a hate campaign against her neighbors over their “noisy” pet turkey.

Noelle Obcarskas, 64, posted a series of YouTube videos showing explosive arguments about birds between herself and neighbors in Pulford, Cheshire.

They called the police after complaints about the smell and loud swallowing sounds and claimed that Obcarskas was abusing them

In one video, Obcarskas called company manager John McKimmie, 40, a “fat little bully with a mean wife” as he challenged him for deliberately blocking his driveway.

Vegan Obcarskas also targeted 73-year-old Gareth Lloyd, who complained about the smell of turkey in its campaign.

He called her and Mr McKimmie ‘f***ers’, ‘d***heads’ and ‘f***ers’, adding: ‘They’ve given up their irrelevant nonsense, gobbling up incompetent fish women who have nothing to count. only females. In their ego little asshole minds, they aren’t even ladies.”

In another video, Obcarskas filmed herself provoking Mr Lloyd outside his home and posted it on YouTube.

University graduate Obcarskas, whose partner now lives in Germany, claimed he was targeted because of his Lithuanian heritage and described his neighbors as “lying to Brexiteers with possible pre-senile dementia” in social media posts.

He was found guilty of harassment at Chester magistrates’ court between March and May last year following a trial which he did not attend.

He had previously sent a 20-page email to the court claiming he had Covid, but JPs continued in his absence because the only evidence he had the disease was a selfie with a scarf over his face and a picture of a positive test.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest and he now faces up to 12 weeks in prison under sentencing guidelines. Last year he was fined £180 for threatening behavior following a similar incident in 2021.

Obcraskas, who had been living together for 30 years, initially got along well with his neighbors, but their relations soured due to his abusive behavior. He also angered the street by taking away three “rescue” turkeys he had been keeping on his terraced property.

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Mr McKimmie told the court: “In 2021 he started to become a bit erratic, swearing in the street and it started to upset the family.

“We helped Cheshire Police gather evidence and since then the relationship has certainly deteriorated a lot and I feel like it’s being targeted a bit more.”

Mr Lloyd told the hearing the pair had broken up five years ago.

He said: “Noelle and I used to have a good relationship. Actually he was at our house and in our garden she.

“But I am aware of the insults he has made on social media, the way I have heard him talk to John, and the things he has said about John and his wife and children. John and I are neighbors and we get along well.”

Prosecuting barrister Emily Land said: “The parties involved are generally not on speaking terms and there have been problems in the past. “It appears to Mr McKimmie that the defendant is obsessed with him.

”In an interview, the defendant admitted that this was a YouTube channel and Facebook page and that the comments he made were his own, but he claimed that his actions were justified due to the provocation of his neighbors. “He did not feel it caused any harassment, alarm or distress.”

Sentencing Obcarskas, JP Mark Turner said: “We accept the credible evidence of both Mr John McKimmie and Mr Gareth Lloyd. We find that Ms Obcarskas caused harassment, alarm and distress by posting defamatory comments on various platforms.”

Following the trial, Mr McKimmie said: “I am happy with the outcome and that justice has been served; This is good for the family and for me. I just hope this is the end of this thread. I hope the harassment does not happen again. “I hope Noelle gets what she needs from this, the right help.”


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