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Omid Scobie was born in Wales in July 1981 and grew up in Oxford with his younger brother and parents, an Iranian social worker mother and a British marketing director father. He attended Magdalen College School and then entered the sixth form at Cherwell School in Oxford. He studied journalism at the London College of Communication.

British journalist Omid Scobie, who is infamous for being the cheerleader for the estranged royals Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, reportedly lied about his age. Now a respectable journalist and the royal editor-at-large at Harper’s Bazaar and a royal contributor at ABC News, with several appearances in ‘Good Morning America’, Scobie once led a questionable business venture.

Real Age

Omid Scobie is 41 years old.

Journalist and Sussex Loyalist Lied About His Age in Defunct Website Listing

Scobie, who has an uncanny resemblance to the perfectly groomed K-pop idols, once ran a website called IdolWow! Ltd. The website, which did reviews of raunchy K-pop videos, has been defunct since 2015, and Scobie has started supporting Meghan, a vocal feminist. While he doesn’t like being called ‘Meghan’s mouthpiece’, he has authored a striking biography of the Sussexes – ‘Finding Freedom’, where he spoke about the exiled royals in glorified terms.

The loyalist Harry and Meghan entered his 42nd year on July 4. Scobie was born in 1982, making him 41 years old. However, the journalist has apparently been fraudulent while talking about his age. As per Daily Mail, during an interview in 2020, Scobie said he was 33 when he was 39 in reality. In an interview, Tatler magazine once pointed out he got his age from him wrong “particularly when he ’s so insistent that everything in Finding Freedom has been checked twice.”

In fact, while filing for the company IdolWow Ltd with the UK Govt, Scobie listed his year of birth as 1989, perpetuating the web of lies that he would seemingly continue to spread even in 2020. Scobie, who was the sole director of the company , listed his name as Om Scobie instead of his original name.

Friends and acquaintances close to Scobie have raised questions about him gradually resembling K-pop stars. One colleague said, “He just seems to get younger and younger looking.” Meanwhile, someone else said his multiple trips to Seoul have helped the Iranian-British journalist to achieve the look.

Omid Scobie is now awaiting the release of his book ‘Endgame’, which promises to expose many royal secrets. The book’s blurb reads, “Endgame, the new book from the author of the international blockbuster Finding Freedom, pulls back the curtain on the Palace, exposing the chaos, dysfunction, and distrust among the British royal family, and what needs to happen to preserve a monarchy in crisis.”

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Scobie, who refers to himself as one of the few impartial journalists covering the British royal family, wrote in a 2020 Harper’s Bazaar article, “In order to tell a full story, it has to be written without fear of favor – regardless of the consequences . It’s one of the reasons why I spent the past year writing my book, Endgame, an unfiltered investigation into the current state of the Royal Family.


He continued, “At a time when more people than ever are questioning the relevance, purpose and role of the monarchy in modern Britain, the need for thorough, spin-free, and well-rounded insight and reporting has never been more important than it. is now.