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Paige Spiranac, a prominent figure in the golfing community, has achieved widespread recognition not only as a former player but also as a formidable influencer, boasting an impressive following of over 11 million across various social media platforms. While her online presence predominantly revolves around golf-related content, it’s worth noting that her journey in the sport began relatively late in her life. In her early teens, Spiranac had yet to even lay hands on a golf club, as she and her family were primarily focused on other athletic pursuits.

Before Spiranac made her mark in the golfing world, her interests and aspirations were directed toward a different sport entirely. The story of her transformation from a relative newcomer to an influential figure in golf remains lesser known even among her dedicated fan base.


Paige Spiranac is 30 years old.

Gymnastics was My Full Identity

Spiranac candidly shared her unwavering determination to reach the pinnacle of her athletic pursuit, the Olympic Games, in an interview with Golf Digest. So resolute was her ambition that she made the decision to be home-schooled, solely to facilitate her rigorous training sessions. Day in and day out, she dedicated eight hours of intense practice, six days a week, fueled by her unstoppable desire to excel.

In pursuit of her dreams, Spiranac’s entire family relocated to Colorado Springs, where she could further her gymnastics career. However, fate had different plans in store. Both her physical limitations and the year she was born seemed to conspire against her, impeding her path to becoming an Olympic gymnast. She said, “Gymnastics was my full identity. Everyone knew me as ‘Paige the gymnast who was going to the Olympics.”

Spiranac shed light on the hurdles she encountered in her quest for Olympic success, during a candid interview with The Sun. Reflecting on her journey, she shared, “I was competing at a really high level. I wanted to go to the Olympics, but with gymnastics, there’s an age restriction. So you have to be 16 or turning 16 in the year of the Olympics and the first year I would have been eligible (2012), I was 18, which is past your prime. Also … I just didn’t have the right body build. I’m a bit taller, but you have to be short and strong and … that’s not my body type.”

However, as if the challenges she had already faced were not enough, Spiranac soon discovered that there were further obstacles standing in the way of her Olympic aspirations.

Loved it From the First Moment

Spiranac’s path to a gymnastics career was already fraught with challenges when she faced yet another setback. In a cruel twist of fate, young Spiranac endured not one but two fractured kneecaps, effectively shattering any hope of success in the world of gymnastics. These injuries occurred when she was just 11-12 years old, amplifying the disappointment she experienced.

Recounting the unfortunate turn of events, Spiranac shared, “I was doing a vault, so I was jumping backward [and] when I was taking off, the muscle pulled the bone off my kneecap. In gymnastics, it’s all about never show[ing ] when you’re injured, so I went almost a month with a broken kneecap. I was scared to tell my coaches, and I was scared to tell my parents. I finally told my mom. The doctor said that this injury was like one in a million. And then it happened again six months later. So I had to quit.”

For a 12-year-old girl, overcoming such challenges is undoubtedly no easy feat. However, Spiranac’s response to adversity showcases remarkable maturity. While she briefly explored tennis as an alternative, she ultimately decided against pursuing it as the sport served as a constant reminder of her previous gymnastics endeavors. “I wish I stuck at it as I think I could have been a better tennis player than a golf player. But it was a little bit too familiar to gymnastics and I felt like I needed a change,” Spiranac stated.

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At the age of 13, Spiranac took her first swing at golf, forever altering the course of her life. “Loved it from the first moment,” she said. Contrary to popular belief, she had a commendable amateur career, achieving significant milestones. As a junior player, she reached the Top 20 in the world rankings, which earned her a college scholarship to compete for the University of Arizona in the NCAA circuit.


Following three successful seasons as a collegiate golfer, Spiranac continued to participate in amateur tournaments, where she achieved impressive results. Notably, she triumphed over the then No 1 amateur player in the world, Hannah O’Sullivan, in a sudden-death playoff at Scottsdale’s Orange Tree Country Club in 2016. However, that same year, she fell short in qualifying for her first LPGA Tournament Consequently, Spiranac decided to pivot away from a professional golf career and instead focus entirely on her future as an influencer, an outcome that has since become well-known to us all.