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Penelope Jackson The chilling moment a woman dubbed the ‘pyjama killer’ confessed to police she has murdered her husband and ‘might go and stab him again’ has been revealed in a new true crime documentary.Penny Jackson stabbed 78-year-old David three times after a row about a TV remote and bubble-and-squeak following a home meal to celebrate her birthday during the pandemic.

She stabbed her husband three times with a kitchen knife; the final, fatal blow delivered after he had dialled 999, with the emergency services still on the line. When police arrived, they found Jackson’s handwritten confession.Jackson became known as the ‘pyjama killer’ when she joked to police about being arrested in her Marks & Spencer pyjamas.

Haunting audio from a 999 call reveals how Jackson told the operator she had stabbed him, adding: ‘He’s in the kitchen bleeding to death, with any luck’.It was revealed in a new series of Faking It, available to stream on Discovery+.When asked if she was with her husband, the killer replied: ‘Well, I might just go and stab him again’.

The operator told her: ‘Do not stab him again.’Audio from the call, originally made by her victim, shows how Jackson had a cold-blooded attitude after the stabbing.Jackson asked the operator why she should not stab her husband again, before asserting that she was of sound mind: ‘I am compos mentis.’She continued: ‘I’m in the lounge and he’s in the kitchen bleeding to death, with any luck.’

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Penelope Jackson age is 66 years old.

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When asked how many times she had stabbed her husband, Jackson said: ‘I did the once, and then he said I wouldn’t do it again so I did it twice more.’She continued: ‘Well once, I thought I’d get his heart. Well he hasn’t got one, and then twice in the abdomen.’Linguistics professor Dawn Archer told the documentary: ‘There’s a very real difference between ‘I thought I’d get his heart’ and ‘I thought I got his heart’.’If I’m saying ‘I thought I’d get his heart’, I’m aiming for it.’She explained this would suggest an ‘intent’ to stab him in the heart.

Another clip in the documentary shows that when arrested by police at the family home, originally on suspicion of attempted murder, Jackson told officers: ‘Hopefully it’s not attempted […] I admit it all.’Commenting on the clip, forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes said: ‘You don’t expect this of course from a 66-year-old woman who lives in Somerset and has led a very middle England existence up to this point. ‘It’s darkly comical, in some respects, but of course it’s not comical at all because we’ve got a dead man here. We’ve got a man who’s a father, and he’s lost his life.’

Body language expert Dr Cliff Lansley pointed out Jackson seemed ‘proud of her actions’.’She wants to get the message across: “I admit it all”. There’s almost a little bit of pride and flair in it as she flicks back, yes I admit it all, I’m proud of what I’ve done.’A third clip from the documentary shows Jackson being rearrested for murder, to which she replied: ‘Oh good!’She later added: ‘I’m very sorry for being a nuisance.’After having her temperature taken as she was tested for covid-19, she asked an officer: ‘Have you got my slippers?’Dr Lansley said: ‘I can’t help laughing… but getting her slippers, being convicted of murder, and getting Covid all seem to be on the same level for her.

‘She must be in shock. It doesn’t excuse what she has done, it doesn’t negate the testimony we’re hearing here, but that detachment from the consequences at this point and the disassociation with her actions is incredible.’During trial the former Ministry of Defence accountant told Bristol Crown Court that she lost control after decades of verbal and physical abuse.Retired Lieutenant Colonel David Jackson, she claimed as she sought to be convicted of manslaughter, was a bully who pushed her to her limits.

But the jury rejected her version of events and convicted her of murder.The couple’s seemingly happy marriage was actually riddled with infidelity, tragedy and lies.Stuck at home during lockdown, the couple’s previous issues intensified to the point that Jackson took irreversible action.When police arrested her, in her nightwear, she asked them: ‘Do you usually have murderers where they’re wearing Marks & Spencer pyjamas?’And despite mother-of-three Jackson’s attempt to paint herself as a victim, she had left three marriages before she ended up with Mr Jackson, whom she married in 1996.As one of her former brothers-in-law puts it: ‘I can’t honestly see Penny, especially the way she’s disposed of three other husbands, being someone who would take abuse for all those years.’

Stewart Warrender, whose brother Alan, Jackson’s third husband, killed himself in 1993 after Penny left him, adds: ‘Narcissistic is probably the best word for the way she is. No empathy. For somebody to be like that there’s got to be something wrong with them.’In court, Jackson alleged that David was aggressive. Her daughter Isabelle backed up her claims, recalling how, when she was eight, David held a knife to her mother’s throat. On another occasion, he pinned her mother against the wall.On yet another occasion, David smashed the mug Isabelle had bought for Mother’s Day. David’s own brother, Alan Jackson, told the Mail that he could be an ‘arrogant bully’.’No-one deserves to die the way he did but I can believe that Penny would have been pushed to her limits,’ he said. ‘I don’t think anyone will ever really know what kind of a life she had with David.’



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