Peter Sutcliffe's ex-wife SoniaPeter Sutcliffe's ex-wife Sonia

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Sonia was born on August 10, 1950, and grew up in Bradford – just seven miles from Peter Sutcliffe’s home in Bingley.

She is the daughter of Ukrainian and Polish-born refugees who fled to Britain from Czechoslovakia after the war.

Sonia married Sutcliffe on August 10, 1974, and two years later, she began treatment for schizophrenia.

Sonia was working as a teacher while her husband carried out attacks on young women across the north of England and had no idea that her husband was a rapist and serial killer.

When her husband was found guilty of the murders of multiple women in 1981, Sonia stood by him and continued to live in their Bradford marital home.

Sonia visited him at a police station, where he confessed: ‘It’s me, luv. ‘I’m the Yorkshire Ripper’.

They separated in 1989 and divorced in July 1994 on the grounds of unreasonable behavior.

ITVX’s true crime documentary, The Long Shadow is well underway, with episode three airing last night.

The seven-part series delves into the horrific crimes of one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers, Peter Sutcliffe.

Sutcliffe’s heinous crimes sparked one of the largest criminal investigations in UK history, during which he was dubbed by the British press as The Yorkshire Ripper.

Written by George Kay and directed by BAFTA-winning Lewis Arnold, The Long Shadow draws upon the archive of the investigation, which consists of hundreds of case files, transcripts and police reports.

During his reign of terror, he was married to his then-wife Sonia, who stayed married to him long after his arrest.

But who was Peter Sutcliffe’s ex-wife Sonia? Here is everything you need to know about the teacher as the series continues.


Sonia is 71 years old.

How did Peter and Sonia Meet

Peter Sutcliffe met Sonia Szurma in 1967 at a disco night in a local pub.

It was after Sutcliffe had a job as a gravedigger at Bingley Cemetery in 1964, he and his work friends went drinking at the Royal Standard in Bradford’s red-light district.

Sonia was just 15 when she met Sutcliffe, and the two married on her 24th Birthday, when Sutcliffe was 28 years old.

Less than a year later, Sutcliffe began attacking women, two in Keighley and one in Halifax.

All three survived and the police did not notice the similarities between the attacks.

The first fatality was Wilma McCann, a 28-year-old mother of four and sex worker who was battered to death in the early hours of October 30, 1975.

Sonia visited Sutcliffe in prison several times, reportedly saying she felt ‘compassion for him’. Her sister Marianna, once said: ‘He’s the only man in the world for her and he will always be.’

In 2017, Sutcliffe was moved from Broadmoor Hospital to Frankland Jail in Durham, according to Yorkshire Live, it was around this point Sonia stopped visiting him.

Sutcliffe once said: ‘She stuck with me for many, many years, before she even thought of a separation, and all credit to her. Then even after that, when I suggested she find somebody else, she still keeps coming to see me.

‘She really must have loved me a lot. Most women would have just washed their hands of somebody, but she knew me so well, my personality and that, she could n’t let go.

‘No one could have asked for a more loyal wife than Sonia and as a friend she is still as loyal and I’m very proud of her. ‘She’s an angel.’

Incident Detail

Sonia is now 71 years old and not much is known about her life.

She was notably seen in 2018, with her hairdresser husband Michael Woodward, The Sun Reported.

The pair were pictured arm in arm while out shopping.

The couple married in 1997 but have spent the majority of their married life living apart, the publication reported.

She was the first to be informed of Sutcliffe’s death in November 2020, being his next of kin.

In 2015, Sonia told the Sun on Sunday: ‘People have claimed to have interviewed me when the truth is they have not.

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‘There have been a lot of bad things written about me and they are not accurate.

‘I would like the truth to come out one day, but I am afraid to be extremely busy for the next two or three years. I have commitments I cannot get out of. I do not want to say what they are.


‘One day I might do something, but I don’t want to get your hopes up that is going to happen now.’