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Reena Virk 14-year-old girl wanted to be accepted by her peers but she was shunned and bullied because of her appearance and ethnicity. The ill treatment escalated until one fateful night in November 1997 when she was murdered. She was born into the Indo-Canadian community of  Saanic ,  British Columbia in March 1983. Her mother Suman had been born in Canada, and her father, Manjit, was an immigrant from India.Reena’s parents had converted from Hinduism to become Jehovah’s Witnesses, whereas Sikhism was the faith of most Indo-Canadians in Saanic. This made the family a “minority within a minority”—outsiders in the middle-class community in which they lived.

Reena Virk was acutely aware of being an outsider and suffered endless bullying as a result. She was not conventionally attractive, she was overweight, and brown-skinned in a predominantly white school. She had the additional burden of being subjected to the strict religious rules of her parents, while members of her peer group were beginning to test the boundaries of freedom from parental control.And in 1997, she was a teenager dealing with all the hormonal angst that that entails.

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Reena Virk Age Is 14 years old:

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Incident Detail

Struggling to fit in among those who rejected her, she craved their approval. So when she was invited to a party on November 14, 1997, she must have been thrilled at the chance to socialize.The gathering was on an evening when she was having an overnight stay with her parents and was held outside near the Craigflower Bridge, which spans the Inner Gorge Waterway of Victoria, British Columbia. But it was not the party that Reena imagined.The teens were smoking pot and drinking alcohol, when suddenly a group of them swarmed Reena. They were members of a gang known as the Shoreline Six and they began beating up their victim. They applied cigarettes to her skin. (The tip of a lit cigarette is about 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit—580 degrees Celsius—and causes excruciating pain.) Her attackers also attempted to set her hair on fire.

After a while, the assault was called off and Reena Virk stumbled away and headed for home. But two of the teens weren’t done with her. Kelly Ellard, 15, and Warren Glowatski, 16, dragged her under the bridge and punched and kicked her some more. Then the pair rolled the unconscious teen into the water. Ellard denied the accusation that she held Reena’s head under the water.In any event, 14-year-old Reena Virk was dead. The autopsy revealed that her head injuries would probably have killed her had she not drowned.It’s believed that 16 teens attended the party. Half of them did not take part in the beating of Reena Virk, nor did they attempt to stop it.The teen’s family reported her missing, but the police did little because of her history as a runaway. Rumours about the beating flew around the Colquitz Middle School the teens attended, but the members of the Shoreline Six group all vowed not to “rat each other out.”

It was left to two teen sisters who overhead others boasting about the killing to come forward to tell police what had happened. The two girls had not witnessed the assault, but they gathered enough evidence to motivate police to investigate.Seven days after the event, Kelly Ellard and Warren Glowatski were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and murder. The other members of the Shoreline Six were also charged with aggravated assault.Glowatski was found guilty of second degree murder and received a life sentence. As a First Nations person, he enrolled in a restorative justice program that included reconciliation with the Virk family. He was released in June 2010. Kelly Ellard had a different story.Her conviction of second-degree murder in March 2000 was overturned on appeal on the grounds she didn’t receive a fair trial. While on release pending a new trial, she was charged with assaulting a 58-year-old woman in a Vancouver park.

She was sent back to prison to await her second trial in June 2004 where she claimed it was others that killed Reena Virk. Witnesses testified that Ellard boasted about being the killer and tried to portray herself as a victim, saying: “I’m obviously going to be convicted. You’ve got what you want, my life is ruined.”But that’s not how it played out. The jury was deadlocked and a mistrial was declared. At her third trial in April 2005, Ellard was again convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life with no eligibility for parole for seven yearsAgain, the conviction was overturned on appeal, but this time, the Supreme Court of Canada reinstated the conviction and sentence.Rebecca Godfrey has written about the case in her 2019 book, Under the Bridge. Her analysis is that the attack on Virk was prompted by the belief among the girls that Reena was spreading rumours about them. She also speculates on the sociopathy of Kelly Ellard.Having shown little or no remorse for her crime, Kelly Ellard remains under the supervision of the corrections system. The Canadian Encyclopedia reports:

“She eventually changed her name to Kerry Sim and, by 2016, had given birth to a child conceived during a conjugal visit with her new boyfriend, an ex-convict. By 2020, then in her late thirties, Ellard had a second child with the same partner and was receiving day parole as part of a program to reintegrate her into the community.”Warren Glowatski readily acknowledged his involvement in the murder of Reena Virk and gave evidence against Kelly Ellard at two of her trials. Since his release from prison, he has stayed out of trouble and has been forgiven by the Virk family for his role in killing their daughter.Suman Virk said, “He was an angry, scared little kid who was trying to prove something in a negative way.

Today, I think we see a young man who has taken responsibility for his actions and is trying to amend the wrong that he did.”A scripted miniseries about the Reena Virk murder is scheduled for release in 2023.According to movieweb.com, production began in December 2022, and as of March 2023, no official release date has been announced.The series is based on the book Under the Bridge by Rebecca GodfreyReena’s parents tried to make something positive emerge from their daughter’s death by starting a public awareness campaign about teenage violence. As a result of their efforts, the government of British Columbia introduced an anti-bullying program in the province’s schools. In 2009, the Virks were given a prestigious award for their advocacy.


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