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Robbi Davon Robinson, Fairfield Township Police arrested a man in Ohio after he allegedly set his father’s fiance on fire. The accused, Robbi Davon Robinson Jr, claimed that he had no recollection of the events leading up to the incident.

Bodycam footage released by the police showed the aftermath of the attack, with the victim, Brenda Scott, gasping for air and informing the arriving officers that she was struggling to breathe and had lost her teeth. “I can’t breathe! My inhaler’s in the house… I can’t breathe, he knocked my teeth out,” she can be heard explaining frantically in the redacted footage. It was revealed that Scott was dating Robinson Jr’s father. The incident is being investigated as an act of arson, and Robinson is facing charges in connection with the attack.


Robbi Davon Robinson is 23 years old.

Arrested For Setting Dad’s Girlfriend on Fire Claims to Have No Memory of it

Not much is known about the 23-year-old, except that he was taken into custody and his bond was set at $200,000 by a judge. He faces charges of first-degree aggravated arson and second-degree felony assault and is due in court on May 17. “I don’t know what happened,” Robinson is heard saying in the footage. “It just went off.”

Scott reportedly jumped from the second floor of the Ohio home she shared with Robinson and his father. When emergency services arrived, they found her severely burned, but it is still unknown what led to her escape. In the bodycam footage released by police, officers were observed trying to comfort and reassure Scott as they waited for the arrival of the ambulance. One officer can be seen turning to the distressed woman, urging her to stay awake while she awaited medical attention.

Robinson expressed disbelief when police explained the severity of Scott’s injuries. “Your stepmother jumped out the back,” an officer said in the footage. “Oh, she did?” he was heard replying. A neighbor identified as Dennis Williams shared with WKRC that he was alerted to the commotion by his dogs and quickly rushed outside. Williams said he found Scott in distress and covered in burns, prompting him to immediately call 911 for emergency assistance. “Water with gasoline, he threw it on her,” Williams told dispatchers on the call, the outlet reported.

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“I said, ‘What happened, what happened?'” Williams explained. “And she said, ‘he set me on fire.’ She had terrible, terrible burns, I mean I’m not an expert, but at least half of her body, I mean terrible burns. She still wasn’t on fire at the time, but there was some flame next to her that she was dying.


It was pretty traumatic to see everything that happened, but again, I’m glad I was in a position to help.” Scott was airlifted to UC Medical Center in critical condition and underwent surgery.