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Rod Githens, University of the Pacific professor Rod Githens was recently arrested after he exchanged images of a minor engaging in sexually inappropriate conduct. He has also been accused of attempting to arrange a meet-up to sexually abuse a 7-year-old child, the fictitious niece of an undercover FBI agent who conducted a sting operation that led to Githens’ arrest. The 45-year-old has been charged with “receipt and distribution of images of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.”

Githens reportedly contacted the undercover agent through the online dating app Grindr after the latter posed as a “taboo-friendly” man who was sexually active with his 7-year-old niece, a criminal complaint from the Eastern District of California revealed. After two failed meet-up attempts, Githens was identified by two “selfie-type” photos where he showed his face, ABC10 reported. A search warrant in his name was issued on April 19, 2023, and investigators found that Githens has allegedly exchanged child pornographic videos and photos. He was ultimately arrested on April 21 and placed on immediate “indefinite administrative leave” by the university.


Rod Githens is 45 years old.

Charged & Arrested

Githens reportedly contacted an undercover FBI agent on Grindr and spoke to him for nearly a month after matching his profile, which included hashtags like “dirty”, “discreet”, “curious”, and “parent”, a criminal complaint reviewed by People revealed. Authorities said that Githens first came across the FBI agent’s profile in late March by allegedly searching the keyword “parent” in the dating app.

The professor allegedly used the name “Tod” online and asked the agent to move their conversation to the instant messaging app Telegram instead. Throughout his conversation with the agent, Githens allegedly described children as “property” and revealed that he has attempted to have sex with other children in the past. He even shared that he once planned a trip to Hawaii to meet with another man he met on Grindr who allegedly said Githens will be allowed to have sexual interactions with his 1-year-old godson, the complaint mentioned. Githens later mentioned that the Hawaii trip never happened due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The undercover agent, who said he was sexually active with his fictitious 7-year-old niece, convinced Githens to send him multiple selfies. Officials later used the photos to identify the professor. Githens then attempted to arrange a meet-up with the agent and the 7-year-old and said that he will bring the child’s “favorite chocolate bar” and an “Ariel doll” from ‘The Little Mermaid’.

The complaint said Githens and the agent scheduled several meet-ups so that the former can “get comfortable with each other in order for Githens to have sex with [the FBI agent’s] purported 7-year-old niece.”

The filing said none of the meetings ever took place and at one point Githens wrote, “Honestly I’m not assuming we’ll ever meet. Guys always flake. Always.”

The West Sacramento Police Department worked with the FBI to arrest Githens and contacted the latter to say that they found some packages he once reported stolen. Authorities then asked the professor to arrive at the station to collect his belongings. Githens was ultimately pulled over after he left his house on April 19. Officials reportedly questioned him and reviewed data on his phone, including the Telegram app and the history of messages he shared with the FBI agent, which ultimately led to his arrest.

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In the wake of Githens’ arrest, the University of the Pacific placed him on an “indefinite administrative leave.” “The university was made aware of legal proceedings against Professor Rod Githens Monday afternoon via a reporter’s inquiry. He was immediately placed on indefinite administrative leave. The university does not comment on ongoing legal proceedings,” the institution said in a statement, as per ABC10.


“While we have received no information of illegal acts involving the university or university property, we are nevertheless launching an independent review by an external investigator,” the statement added. The university also removed Githen’s professional page from its website, as per CBS News. However, a cached version showed he was an associate professor and the program lead for the Organizational Innovation and Change Program at the school.