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Roger and Janey My Mum, Your Father stars Roger Hawes and Janey Smith have confirmed they’re still together after the final episode of the ITV show aired on Friday evening.

The new couple won over viewers on the middle-aged dating show as Roger found happiness again with Janey, with his daughter Jess describing him as a ‘different man.’

Postman Roger, 58, lost his beloved wife Joanne, 52, to cancer 18 months ago and signed up to the new ITV1 dating show in a bid to move on.

And taking to Instagram on Saturday, Roger revealed he had done just that, admitting it has been hard to ‘keep it a secret’.

Sharing a selection of adorable snaps of the couple, Roger penned: ‘It’s been hard to keep it a secret but the wait is finally over.

‘Me and the beautiful @janeybombshell are still going strong and have never been better since leaving @mymumyourdaduk ❤️

‘We couldn’t be happier together and it wouldn’t be possible without @itv @davinamccall @mymumyourdaduk’.

Janey also shared a selection of sweet pictures of herself and Roger on her social media, including one of them in bed together which she captioned with: ‘What an amazing journey… Saturday mornings just got a whole lot better ♥️.’

Roger and Janey Age

Roger age is 58 years old.

Janey age is 52 years old.

Confirm they’re still together Instagram photos

Her son, Will also took to Instagram to share the happy news that the couple were still going strong, posting pictures of himself and Roger in the pub together and playing golf.

My Mum Your Dad came to a close on Friday, as the final episode of the middle-aged dating show saw the contestants’ love journeys come to an end.

The episode began as host Davina McCall shocked the cast when she exposed the major plot twist of the series before the ‘winners’ of the series were revealed.

While the parents thought relationship experts were overseeing their time at the Surrey house, in reality it was their children.

The older generation were left flabbergasted as Davina revealed the big plot twist, as Natalie exclaimed ‘it’s nuts’.

‘That is a curve ball,’ Roger announced.

Natalie and Paul and Sharon and Elliott, also received their children’s blessings, but sadly it was the end of the road for Monique and Martin M as the mother decided to end things.

Roger and Janey finally got their happy ending after both Jess and Will gave the couple the green light.

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Roger lost his wife to cancer 18 months ago and viewers have seen how much he has grown throughout the show.

The 58-year old postman, a father-of-three, signed up to the new ITV1 dating show in a bid to move on following the death of wife Joanna-who ‘fell asleep on the sofa and never woke up’ after finding a melanoma behind her ear.

Speaking to her dad at the end of the final episode she said: ‘Looking at you there is just less sadness and more happiness there. You’re like a different man.’

The 28-year-old admitted that seeing her father another woman had been difficult but she realized he had found happiness with Janey.

‘Seeing Dad with someone who is not my candle has not been easy… I can’t help but want to protect you and just not wanting you to get hurt. You’ve had enough hurt to last you a lifetime. We all have.’

Sadly it did n’t end in love for Monique and Martin M after intel from her daughter Taiya led the mother to call things off with her other half.

Reuniting with her mother, Taiya revealed that Martin had been saying the same sort of things to both Monique and Tallulah at the same time.

The 21-year-old even called Martin out as she told him ‘there were some similar words shared’ as she referred to him kissing both women on the neck.

She later told the cameras: ‘When I looked into Martin’s eye’s I definitely got all the answers I needed.’

Even Martin’s son Luke seemed to doubt the relationship as he confessed to Monique: ‘He put himself in a tough spot, and I was mostly in your favor to be honest.’

Later in the episode Monique decided to end things as she admitted ‘We’re not right for each other.’

She explained: ‘I’m not happy about the fact that we’ve had some time to connect and you haven’t used it. It would have been nice for you to take a bit more interest in me and my life and what I’ve been through.

‘I felt the connection was lost for me. I felt Martin was invested in everyone else and not me.’

But there was happiness for the other couples as Kaliel and Mazey gave their blessing to Natalie and Paul who are looking forward to a future outside of the show.


When asked if she saw a future with Paul by Mazey, Natalie replied: ‘I flipping hope so, if he’s what he’s presented in here then he’s an incredible man.’

The episode concluded with Roger raising a toast to the incredible journey they have all had and to what is to come in the future.

As he stood up, his castmates joked ‘I thought he was going to propose then!’

Fans headed to Twitter to share their thoughts on the series after the emotional episode.

One viewer commented: ‘Really enjoyed the realness of My Mum, Your Dad and the connections and development of relationships that can grow out of the bubble of reality TV into the real world – can’t wait to see what happens.’

And it seems fans are also hoping for a follow up season as they asked: ‘Hey, there will be a follow up after this series as I am dying to know how the three couples will get on afterwards? Pleeeeaassse.’

Another added: ‘I hope there’s going to be a reunion / update show for your mum, my dad. They can’t leave it like that. Did they get their happy ever after? @ThisisDavina please put us out of our misery’

‘Hope they do a reunion in a few months to see how things pan out, that hint is to you @ITV incase you haven’t already planned to,’ a third chimed.


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