Who was Roxanne Wood? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Throat slit ‘with a filet knife’ in her own kitchen that went unsolved for 30 YEARS& Cause of Death

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Roxanne Wood A popular crime documentary series has delved deeper into the harrowing true story of a woman who was found with her throat slit in her own kitchen.Roxanne Wood’s lifeless body was found at her home in Niles, Michigan, in 1987. The 30-year-old had been sexually assaulted, battered with a frying pan and was bleeding profusely from a neck wound, which police believed was inflicted with a filet knifeBut her murder went unsolved for nearly 35 years-with husband Terry’s life ‘irreparably damaged’ after being plagued with rumors he was the killer.

In 2022, the true culprit would finally be apprehended and sentenced to a minimum of 23 years behind bars.Here, FEMAIL has laid bare the disturbing realities surrounding the case after an episode of 48 Hours explored The ‘Unsolvable’ Murder of Roxanne Wood. The gruesome story was sparked on February 19, 1987 when Roxanne and Terry, who had been married for five years , went out on a date night.The ‘happy and content’ couple, who had been looking forward to starting a family, met for dinner at a restaurant after work before heading to the local bowling alley.

Having arrived in separate cars, Roxanne, who was affectionately known as Rock, was keen to call it a day about midnight and kissed her husband goodbye before heading home.Terry lingered a little longer, but arrived at the house just 45 minutes later where he was met by a horrific discovery.He saw Roxanne’s lifeless body lying on the kitchen floor in her nightgown hitched up and her underwear pulled down.

She had been beaten with a frying pan and was bleeding profusely from her neck with the sheath of a filet knife on the ground.The knife, which was presumed to have been the murder weapon, was taken from one of the kitchen drawers – but was never found.Detectives told 48 Hours that it was a ‘brutal, savage murder,’ adding: ‘There are kids who grew up locking their doors and being scared when they went to bed at night just because of this case.’

Roxanne Wood Age

Roxanne Wood age is 30 years old.

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Throat slit ‘with a filet knife’ in her own kitchen that went unsolved for 30 YEARS & Cause of Death

Terry rushed to call the authorities but repeatedly screamed at the dispatcher on the other end of the phone, with the apparent aggression being considered a ‘red flag,’ according to investigators.As police secured the crime scene, Terry was taken down to the local station for routine questioning where he soon asked for an attorney – setting off yet more alarm bells.Authorities could not find any sign of forced entry into the home with Roxanne’s husband claiming that the pair had been experiencing issues with the lock on the back door at the time.

During the course of the investigation, police reportedly found out that both parties had extramarital affairs and believed that jealousy could have been motivation.But, despite their suspicions, they did not have enough evidence to move forward with their case against Terry – and the case went cold within a matter of months.However, Terry would be plagued by speculation he was the killer for the next three decades – being cruelly taunted with the nickname of ‘Slash’ when he walked into local bars, according to witnesses.

DNA had been collected from the crime scene, but remained in storage due to insufficient technologies to process it.It was eventually uploaded into the criminal database in 1999, but there were no immediate hits.It would not be until 2021 that authorities finally made a breakthrough in the case.Genetic genealogist Gabriella Vargas was able to create a genetic profile from the killer’s trace DNA – which was just three per cent size of a normal sample authorities would usually use – to build up a family tree.

And, along with the help of ancestry sites, she was ultimately able to whittle it down to just three possible suspects who were brothers.Detectives quickly ruled out two of the siblings but the last potential candidate – Patrick Gilham – had a history of violence and sexual offences.He had also been living just a few miles from the Wood home at the time of Roxanne’s death.Gilham, who had a history of drink and drug use, had been involved in a similarly cruel incident eight years before Roxanne’s death.

In 1979, he had attacked mother-of-two Maureen Farag who had worked as an art teacher at a middle school.Her husband, Robert, had asked her to leave a side door to their home open as he had forgotten his keys.But when he did eventually return he was greeted by a sea of police cars as Maureen recounted what happened.She revealed that she had been in bed, but heard a noise downstairs and went to investigate.It was then that Maureen saw a man riffling through her purse and, when she confronted him, he pushed her to the ground.

The assailant attempted to sexually assault her before eventually fleeing with Maureen’s purse – leaving little trace.But Gilham was pulled over by police about a week later for a traffic offence, which is when officers noticed Maureen’s credit cards strewn across the front seat.The offender claimed he had blacked out during the attack, but came to and found his pants around his ankles.He pleaded guilty to burglary and unlawful deviant conduct before being sentenced to 14 years in Indiana State Prison.Gilham served just seven years – with Roxanne killed just four months after his release.

Despite their suspicions, authorities were keen to gather more evidence to help build a solid case against him.Undercover cops were eventually sent to collect DNA samples from the suspect and picked up one of his discarded cigarette butts, which he had thrown away outside a laundromat.And, once tested, it matched the sample which had been left at the 1987 crime scene.Gilham was bought in for interview and shown pictures of Roxanne, which prompted him to tense up with his hands shaking.The investigation continued and Gilham was formally arrested in February 2022 – just days from the 35th anniversary of Roxanne’s death.

Footage from his interviews shows him telling detectives: ‘I can’t believe I did it, if I did it. But you’re saying I did so….’I’m a monster. If I did that, that’s a monster.’He repeatedly said he did not remember committing the heinous crime, but later pleaded no contest to second-degree murder over Roxanne’s death.In April 2022, he appeared in court for sentencing where Gilham himself said: ‘I can’t believe I did what I did and I pray for them every night.’I am so sorry. I just hope that sometime in the future with God’s help that they can start to forgive me.’

The then 67-year-old was sentenced to a minimum of 23 years behind bars. He will be eligible for release in 2040 with good behavior.Roxanne’s husband Terry was cleared, which left him ‘very emotional,’ but had suffered a great deal in the years since her death.His sister-in-law, Janet Wood, said in court that his ‘life was irreparably damaged’ as a result of the ‘horrible rumors’ that he was the killer.



The teen was laid to rest at 4:30 p.m. Thursday at the Trilha do Ceu cemetery.

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