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Ryan Kimble The brazen customer has claimed to steal from the chain as he is treated like an employee by scanning himself out.
It is unclear if comedian Ryan Kimble was making the video as a joke as part of his act.

In the video, Kimble complains that he “works there now,” referring to having to use self-checkout and not receiving assistance from employees.

“No one helped me. It took me 45 minutes to find two pairs that fit, and then I had to check myself out.”

At another point in the video, Kimble says that he uses confidence to walk past the receipt check after checkout which slows him down.

He claims that confidence is key as there’s no reason for him to stop for the check.

Ryan Kimble Age

Ryan Kimble Age is 47 years old.

Walmart shopper reveals his secret to getting away from receipt check at self-checkout as

Walmart is among the major retailers whose receipt check has sparked some controversy among shoppers.

A lawyer has explained that at Walmart you don’t always have to comply with the check as you do in membership stores.

The debate comes down to a law known as “shopkeeper’s privilege,” according to Attorney Clay Payne (@thepaynelawyer).
“There is no Texas law that allows a store to demand that you show your receipt,” Payne said in a popular TikTok post.

“However, a law called the shopkeeper’s privilege allows a store to detain a suspected shoplifter for a limited amount of time if they have probable cause,” he said.

The rule allows business owners who prove they have a reasonable suspicion of shoplifting to perform their due diligence and try to stop the potential theft.

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“Not showing a receipt isn’t enough for a detention, but it could be combined with other suspicions,” he wrote.

Reasonable suspicion could be someone at the store telling staff they saw a customer place an item in their bag, for example.

But Costco shoppers have been warned that due to their membership agreement, they are required to allow their receipts to be checked — even when the store cannot prove there’s a reasonable suspicion, the lawyer said.


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