Who was Sabrina Durán Montero? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, killed by masked gunmen in Padre Hurtado, Chile

Sabrina Durán Montero Wiki- Sabrina Durán Montero Biography

Sabrina Durán Montero Here’s all we know about the Chilean ‘Narco Queen’ influencer.
Sabrina Durán Montero was a 24-year-old Chilean TikTok influencer and convicted drug trafficker.

The influencer died of gunshot injuries after allegedly being targeted by masked gunmen while sitting in her car in a suburb of Santiago, Chile, on Tuesday 24, October.

It has been reported that Sabrina had one child.

“Sabrina had a criminal record, specifically for receiving stolen vehicles and drug trafficking, and had been released from serving a sentence approximately a month ago,” Police chief Leonel Muñoz said after the attack on Tuesday.
Behind bars, Sabrina reportedly began a relationship with her cellmate in San Miguel prison, Antonella Marchant, 29.

Antonella was sentenced to 15 years in prison after her 2021 arrest and is part of the notorious Los Marchant gang.

The Chilean press has reported that the Los Marchant gang dates back to 2012, when Antonella, daughter of leader Francisco Marchant, was arrested on drug trafficking charges, having been found transporting marijuana from Argentina with a view to selling it in Santiago.

Sabrina Durán Montero Age

Sabrina Durán Montero Age is 24 years old.

killed by masked gunmen in Padre Hurtado, Chile

Los Marchant narco patriarch Francisco is, like his daughter Antonella, currently in prison.

Sabrina was a TikTok ‘Narco influencer’, with 572,400 followers, and over 13 million likes at the time of writing.

She began posting on TikTok in May 2021.

Sabrina posted under the names Katrina Gusman and Juakina Gusman—the latter seemingly a reference to notorious Mexican cartel leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman.

Another alias used by the TikTok star was “La Ina”, and she has also been dubbed “The TikTok Narco Queen”, in reference to her role in Chilean drug gangs.

Sabrina, along with her two brothers, was arrested at the start of 2023 on suspicion of supplying, distributing and trafficking cannabis, cocaine, MDMA, and magic mushrooms.

Sabrina documented every time behind bars on TikTok, sharing dances, and videos of herself speaking to the camera.

She also used her platform to promote hair products to her followers.

On Tuesday 24 October, Sabrina was reportedly shot dead in Padre Hurtado, a suburb of Santiago in Chile.

At least two hitmen opened fire on the mother-of-one as she sat in a car.

In chilling footage recorded by a witness of the attack, Sabrina can be seen lying in the middle of the street after being shot by an attacker wearing a mask.

The shocking video shows Sabrina attempting to get up, already wounded, when a gunman approaches her and fires multiple shots at her.

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The gunmen then used Sabrina’s car to flee the scene, which was later found destroyed.

Sabrina reportedly sustained at least eight gunshot wounds, and hospital doctors were unable to save her life.

Sabrina was reported on parole at the time of the chilling attack.

Given her history in the drug trade, Chilean police say they believe her killing may have been a move by a rival drug gang to settle the scores.

It has been announced that her funeral, scheduled for Friday 27, October, was considered high risk and a threat to public peace in Chile, due to the trend of “narcofunerales” (narco funerals) that can last for days and attract huge crowds.

Fans and followers wrote tribute comments under Sabrina ‘s most recent TikTok posts, sending their condolences to the mother-of-one ‘s family, and her girlfriend Antonella.


At the time of writing, the masked gunmen are still at large and the investigation into Sabrina’s murder continues.

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