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Sarah Ferguson’s Shocking police dispatch tapes reveal the moment the body of Sarah Ferguson’s former assistant was found – reportedly strangled to death in her luxury Dallas apartment. has obtained photos of the apartment as well as audio from Dallas, Texas police dispatch radio in which an officer comes across the alleged crime scene, and ominously reports ‘I’m going to need a supervisor over here’.

Jenean Chapman, 46, was found dead at upscale apartment tower The National in downtown Dallas on Monday afternoon after her colleagues called police for a wellness check when she didn’t show up to work.

Police arrested her husband, James Michael Patrick, 48, on Wednesday 200 miles away in Austin.

Despite being married to Chapman since July, he describes himself on his Facebook page with the sentence: ‘Disco… .. sleeze… .single af’ and had his relationship status as ‘single’.

Chapman worked as the Duchess of York’s personal assistant in the early 2000s.

Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, posted a statement about Chapman on her Instagram on Friday saying she ‘heard from her just a couple of months ago’ and pledged to help pay for funeral costs.

Audio from the Dallas Police Department’s dispatch radio obtained by reveals the moment officers came across Chapman’s body.

Around 1.30pm a female officer radios in that she would ‘take that call on Elm’, the street Chapman’s apartment was on.

The dispatcher says ‘It’s a black female. She said they have n’t heard from her since Wednesday. ‘Her and her husband had a domestic [inaudible].’

Just over 15 minutes later, the female officer radioed in with the bad news. ‘It’s going to be a 27 for sure,’ she said, using the police code for an attempted crime. ‘We’re going to need [inaudible] crime scene.’

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Sarah Ferguson’s age is 63 years old.

Strangled to death’ in her luxury Dallas apartment

An officer adds that they are ‘Going to need a supervisor to start over here at 1401 Elm’ – and even mentions the word ‘homicide’.

Police did not officially designate the case as a murder until a day later, calling it an ‘unexplained death’ in their initial statements to media on Monday.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner has not yet determined the cause of death, though sources told local ABC affiliate WFAA Channel 8 ‘it appeared Chapman was strangled’.

Chapman was living with Patrick in a 1,157sq ft one-bedroom apartment at the upscale hotel and residence tower The National.

She moved there five months ago from San Francisco, where Patrick also previously lived.

Photos obtained by from a listing for her 36th-floor apartment show panoramic city views and sheik mid-century modern furnishings.

Chapman’s family said their relationship was ‘rocky’ and ‘toxic’, and had been on-and-off for six years. They were surprised to learn this summer that the couple had eloped without their knowledge.

But you wouldn’t have any idea Chapman was in Patrick’s life based on his Facebook page.

Though there are many selfies of the 38-year-old, there are none of his wife publicly visible.

Patrick categorized his relationship status on his profile as single and in his description wrote: ‘Disco… .. sleeze… .single af’.

One of the only photos of the couple together available online is on an old profile Patrick made on clothes site

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Patrick’s criminal record includes a charge for an alleged ‘terrorist threat’ in Dallas County in 1993 when he was age 18 – though it was later dismissed.

He was also charged in 2001 for theft under $500 in Travis County. That charge was also dismissed.

According to his booking information, the University of Texas Police Department arrested him on Wednesday and put him in Travis County Jail with a $100,000 bond.

The New York Post reported on Friday that he had been moved to Dallas, but the Dallas County Jail system had no records of an inmate matching his description on Saturday.

Chapman’s sister, Crystal Marshall, wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday: ‘It’s really hard for me to write this. The past couple of days have been absolutely the worse days of my life. My sister was recently a victim of physical abuse and her life was brutally taken away from her.

‘I love and miss you dearly and wish you weren’t taken away from us so soon.’

The family have set up a GoFundMe page to pay for the cost of transporting her body to the family home of New York, as well as ‘funeral costs and legal fees to provide justice.’

By Saturday, they had raised $25,592 of their $50,000 goal with 281 donations.

Her Duchess former employer Ferguson posted on Instagram on Friday: ‘Jenean was loyal, hardworking, beautiful and fun and my heart breaks for her family and friends. I heard from her just a couple of months ago and she seemed so happy.

‘I will be making a donation and supporting the family in any way possible.’

The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled Chapman’s death a homicide, but has not yet officially determined a cause of death.

Marshall told NBC Dallas Fort Worth that her sister had been working as ‘a senior vice president’ at digital marketing firm Critical Mass and that Chapman had been ‘about to start her own business’.


Urging the Mayor to do more, she pleaded: ‘We need help so we can deal with those that are most vulnerable,’ adding ‘otherwise all our lives are at risk.’