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Shaniah Cofield, A woman has been arrested in connection to a road rage incident where she allegedly climbed on top of a car after a minor crash while the suspect was with another man, the Florida Highway Patrol said. Two people in Brandon, Florida, were involved in a minor car crash, with a 31-year-old sitting inside a 2019 Chevy Sedan on April 11, 2023. The FHP posted a video on social media where a man involved in the incident can be heard yelling, “Get out of the car!”, while the woman can be seen punching the car’s window.

Shaniah Faith Cofield was arrested in connection with the incident. Peter Allen McClarin, the man that troopers accuse of being involved in the incident, has not yet been taken in custody. The man apparently used a gun in one attempt to break the car’s window, officials claimed. At one point, the woman was seen jumping on the front hood of the car while it was stopped in traffic at a light.


Shaniah Cofield is 31 years old.

Before the witness recorded the incident from inside her car, troopers said that at least one gunshot was fired at the Chevy. The witness told another bystander that the Chevy driver hit the couple’s car and attempted to drive away. The witness inside the car urged the pair to call the police instead of trying to break into the car. “Hey, call the cops!” the witness said, according to Fox News, adding, “You’re gonna go to jail. Don’t go to jail!”

Meaww previously reported that two men were arrested after shooting at each other’s young daughters during a road rage incident described by onlookers as a “cat and mouse game”. William Joseph Hale and Frank Gilliard Allison were taken into custody Saturday, October 8, 2022, and charged with attempted second-degree murder.

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At a press conference on October 10, Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper called the men’s behavior “stupid” and “crazy.” The incident occurred after 6 pm on US Highway 1. Several calls came into 911, reporting “people being shot,” Leeper said.


A witness allegedly told authorities that Hale, 35, was driving a black Dodge Ram with five people inside, while Allison, 43, was driving a gray Nissan Murano with three occupants. As per Law and Crime, Leeper said a witness dialed 911 because both cars were driving in a strange manner and the witness knew something bad was going to happen. He added that the authorities were able to determine that both Hale and Allison were “speeding, driving erratically, and brake-checking each other.”