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Soby John, The perverted hotel porter who raped X Factor star Lucy Spraggan in an attack so traumatizing it forced her to quit the talent show early was quietly deported to India after serving less than half of his 10-year prison sentence, MailOnline can reveal.

Spraggan was a 20-year-old contestant in the 2012 series of the hit ITV talent show when her life was ruined by sexual predator Soby John, who assaulted her in a luxury hotel room.

Then aged 24, John used his staff key card from her to sneak into the singer-songwriter’s room at the Hilton London Metropole before raping her. The horrifying fallout of the attack forced her to pull out of the X Factor in week three.

John, who had been on a student visa from India, was jailed for 10 years in April 2013. But now, MailOnline can reveal he was sent back to his home country on January 30, 2017 – after serving less than four years behind bars for his sickening assault.


Soby John is 24 years old.

Simon Cowell had Apologized to Her

It comes as Spraggan, 31, broke down in tears on Monday as she revealed how Simon Cowell had apologized to her after he learned she had been raped while on the ITV talent show.

In a harrowing interview about her ordeal de ella, she wept as she described how 63-year-old music mogul Cowell told her: ‘Lucy, before you or I say anything else, the first thing I need to tell you is that I am sorry.’

‘It makes me emotional because no one else said sorry. And all it took was this one man to treat me like a human being, 11 years later, ‘Spraggan told the BBC about Cowell’s response to her.

The Home Office declined to comment specifically on John’s deportation when approached by MailOnline.

But a spokeswoman did say: ‘Foreign nationals who commit crimes here in the UK will face the full force of the law, including deportation at the earliest opportunity for those eligible.’

During John’s sentencing in 2013, Judge Alistair McCreath described how the rapist had left his victim with ‘massive anxiety’ and ‘huge trust issues’ following the brutal assault, which left Spraggan terrified to stay in hotels or go out alone.

Peter Higginson, defending John during his 2013 hearing, told Southwark Crown Court his client had been a ‘naive young man, floundering in a culture which he had not come to terms with’.

‘It was a single foolish act,’ the barrister told the court, before insisting his rapist client had had a clean record before he violated Spraggan while she was drunk.

But Judge McCreath rebuffed the claim and slammed John, saying: ‘I recognize you are relatively young and you were brought up in a different culture from the culture where this terrible offense took place.

‘But whatever cultural values you were brought up with, I do not for a moment accept they condone the act of non-consensual intercourse with a woman who was so drunk as to be insensitive.’

X Factor Star Lucy Spraggan’s Rapist, Deported to India

The MailOnline understands that under John’s deportation conditions, he is not permitted to return to the UK.

Spraggan has since spoken out about her horrific ordeal of her in her memoir of her, Process: Finding My Way Through.

In the book, she describes how she was sexually assaulted after fellow contestant Rylan Clark’s 25th birthday party, where staff and singers were given ‘free alcohol’ – ultimately leading to Spraggan falling unconscious.

The savage attack left her unable to continue the show due to strong side effects of Pep medication – a drug given to her by doctors which can prevent someone contracting HIV.

She told the Guardian how a member of the production team escorted the singer back to the hotel from the Mayfair Mahiki nightclub where a hotel porter offered to help return Spraggan safely to her room.

But as the staff member left her room, the porter is said to have manually prevented the room from locking automatically.

She and Clark had allegedly been sent to the hotel in Edgware Road, away from the Corinthia where the show usually housed its performers, with 24-hour security.

Spraggan described how she believed this was part of their ‘storyline’ for the show, in which they were known for partying and staying out late.

Some time later, Clark arrived back at the hotel and checked in on his fellow contestant – crucially then ensuring her door was locked before he left her asleep.

This meant that the porter then had to use a traceable keycard in order to get into the room and commit the rape, she explained.

The next day, Spraggan woke up and instantly knew something was wrong.

She told the Guardian: ‘I woke up the next day with this sense of sheer dread.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever felt that level of confusion since. I knew that I’d been raped, but I could not process that. So I put my clothes on and went into autopilot.’

After telling Clark, who she describes as a fierce advocate for her, production staff were informed and police were called.

She was prescribed Pep which, if taken within the first 72 hours of having sex, can stop the spread of HIV – but it left her feeling too ill to continue singing in the show.

Spraggan said she had wanted to come clean about why she suddenly quit the X Factor, but claims various people encouraged her not to.

Now she is frustrated at the lack of aftercare she received upon leaving the competition, as although she reportedly received medical and financial support in the immediate aftermath, she says she had no support after trial.

She writes: ‘No one ever contacted me to ask if I was OK. No one called or emailed when the trial was over and he was convicted. No one offered me rehabilitation or ongoing mental health treatment. I was on my own.’

Pleads Guilty

The man behind the attack pleaded guilty at trial and was sentenced to ten years in prison, meaning the singer did not have to relive the trauma of the rape in the witness box.

But she maintains she was ‘lucky’ her rapist was brought to justice – because her friend looked out for her.

‘I’m lucky because Rylan shut that door.’

Following the revelations, Simon Cowell told the Guardian what happened to Spraggan was ‘horrific and heartbreaking’.

He continued: ‘Although we met under tragic circumstances, a genuine friendship and a mutual respect has developed between us. Lucy is one of the most authentic, talented and brave people I have ever met.

‘I have always supported her wish to tell her story as well as her efforts to bring about positive change.’

The X Factor was Produced by Thames and Syco

A spokesperson for ITV said: ‘We have the deepest compassion for Lucy and everything she has endured as a result of this horrific ordeal. We commend her de ella resilience and bravery de ella.

‘The X Factor was produced by Thames and Syco, who were primarily responsible for duty of care towards all of its program contributors.

‘ITV as a commissioning broadcaster is committed to having in place suitable and robust oversight procedures, with a view to ensuring that independent producers employ the correct processes to protect the mental health and welfare of participants.

‘We continue to evolve our own duty of care processes on programs we produce to ensure that there are appropriate measures in place to support contributors before, during and after filming. In an event of such a distressing nature, welfare and support towards the victim would always be of the highest priority.’

A spokesperson for the production company behind the show, Fremantle, added: ‘The serious sexual assault suffered by Lucy Spraggan in October 2012 was a truly horrific criminal act for which the perpetrator, who was not connected with the programme, was rightfully prosecuted and imprisoned .

‘Anyone should feel safe when they are sleeping in a hotel room – and it is abhorrent to think that a hotel porter abused that trust in such a vile way.

‘To our knowledge, the assault was an event without precedent in the UK television industry.

‘Whilst we believed throughout that we were doing our best to support Lucy in the aftermath of the ordeal, as Lucy thinks she we could have done more, we must therefore recognize this. For everything Lucy has suffered, we are extremely sorry.

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‘Since then, we have done our very best to learn lessons from these events and improve our aftercare processes.


‘Whilst we have worked hard to try and protect Lucy’s lifetime de ella right to anonymity, we applaud her de ella strength and bravery de ella now that she has chosen to waive that right.’