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Sofia Marks, The woman who was arrested in connection with the overdose death of Robert De Niro’s grandson Leandro De Niro-Rodriguez, had apparently revealed to an undercover police officer why she sold the drugs. De Niro-Rodriguez was found unconscious on July 2 inside a New York City apartment and was pronounced deceased by EMS on scene after police received a 911 at around 2.23 pm on that day.

According to a criminal complaint, Marks was held without bail on three federal narcotics charges after reportedly selling fake Oxycodone and Xanax laced with fentanyl to the legendary actor’s grandson, the night before he was found dead. Her charges from her reportedly include three counts from Distribution of Narcotics after she “sold counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl on at least three separate occasions.”


Sofia Marks is 20 years old.

Sell Drugs to Robert De Niro’s Grandson Leandro

According to Sophia Haley Marks, 20, a friend died before Leandro’s death and advised the officer to “be careful” with the pills she was selling, reported People Magazine. The 10-page complaint stated that Marks allegedly told an undercover officer while selling that they shouldn’t “do more than one at a time” of her pills from her and that her from her “friend from her just died.” The complaint also details her de ella’s three federal narcotics charges, her text message de ella with De Niro-Rodriguez, and the “50 suspected counterfeit oxycodone pills” she allegedly sold.

“Marks sold a total of 50 suspected counterfeit oxycodone pills to an undercover police officer,” the complaint approved by Assistant United States Attorney Matthew J King reads. “On July 13, following Marks’ second sale to the undercover officer, she was arrested and found to be in possession of approximately 156 more suspected counterfeit oxycodone pills and approximately $1,500 in cash.” It continues, “Shortly after her arrest, law enforcement agents conducted a search of her bedroom and recovered a large amount of cash.”

Marks was found to be in possession of 156 more counterfeit pills after she reportedly sold a total of 50 of them to the undercover officer following the teen’s death of her.

Text Conversations Between the Seller and the Victim

The complaint also sheds light on the reported text messages that were exchanged between the victim and Marks on June 30. De Niro’s grandson apparently asked to buy three more counterfeit oxycodone pills (or “30s”), and Marks texted him, “[d] o you [real]ly need them,” and “I [don’t] wanna kill u.” She later wrote she did not want to kill him “w[ith] the 30s,” which was noted as a reference to the counterfeit pills, and that she didn’t “like serving u them cuz they not script,” supposedly referencing that they were not prescription pills.

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Marks reportedly followed up with De Niro-Rodriguez the next day and discussed further before she told him not to “go overboard” with the pills. On July 1 at around 8 pm, Marks allegedly texted that she could sell the three apparent counterfeit oxycodone pills and two tablets of Xanax for $105. She eventually arranged for a car service for the delivery.


“At approximately 9:15 p.m.,” Marks confirmed that she delivered the drugs to the car driver by telling the victim, ‘[j]ust gave it to him,'” the criminal complaint reads. “At approximately 1:50 a.m. on or about July 2, 2023, long after the drugs had been delivered to the victim, as described below, Marks texted the Victim, ‘u good?’ The victim never responded.” It continues, “.. Based on my conversations with other law enforcement officers, my review of law enforcement records, and my conversations with witnesses, I have learned that on or about July 2, 2023 — that is, the day after the victim received three counterfeit oxycodone pills and Xanax from Sophia Marks, the defendant — the victim was found dead of a suspected overdose that likely was the result of fentanyl poisoning.”

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