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LAUREL HOLLOW, Long Island (WABC) – A Long Island family is reeling after a fatal wrong-way accident over the weekend.Nassau County police say Sotirios Spanos was driving drunk on Northern Boulevard in Laurel Hollow when he crossed the yellow line early Sunday morning, crashing into a Ferrari, killing the two people inside: a 37-year-old man and woman. years.Those two victims have been identified as Odalis and Ismenia Ureña de Syosset.According to authorities, Spanos, 32, had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit when he collided head-on with the Urenas.The couple leaves behind two young daughters.

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Sotirios Spanos Age is 32 years old:

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“They have two small kids,” said Kelly Russo, who was a neighbor to the family. “It shouldn’t happen. There’s too many crashes. It’s out of control.”Sadly, the Urenas are not alone.Within the past week, five other people – including a six-year-old girl in West Hempstead, and a family of four in Massapequa – have died at the hands of a drunk driver in Nassau County.Nassau Police are vowing to stop dangerous drivers.

“We have already seen an increase in both DWI arrests by 32%,” said Nassau County Police Dept. Commissioner Patrick Ryder. “Summons are up 40%, and our deaths on the road are down 18%.”This comes as a new study by a national transportation research nonprofit called “TRIP,” revealed that Long Island roads now make up some of the deadliest in New York state.

Both Nassau and Suffolk counties have seen an increase in traffic deaths between 2019 to 2021.”I have three small kids and it crushes me to think that your life could be changed in an instant,” said Russo. “Something’s gotta change.”The alleged drunk driver faces a slew of charges, including aggravated vehicular homicide, DWI, and manslaughter.







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