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Ta’Kiya Young. Shocking body camera footage reveals the moment a pregnant Black woman was shot and killed by police after running over an officer in a Kroger parking lot. Ta’Kiya Young, 21, had two young children and was pregnant with her third when she was shot inside her car after running over a police officer in Blendon Township, Ohio, last Thursday. The fetus also died. Local police officers approached Young in his car after a Kroger store employee accused him of shoplifting. An accusation the family’s lawyer denies.

Sean Walton, an attorney representing Young’s family, said the video clearly showed the attack was unjustified and called for the officer to be fired and charged immediately. “The video only confirmed their fears that Ta’Kiya had been wrongfully killed… and it was heartbreaking for them to see Ta’Kiya’s life taken under such ridiculous circumstances,” Walton told the AP. “Ta’Kiya’s family is heartbroken.”


Ta’Kiya Young deid at the age of 21 years old;

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Caause Of Death

Police released body camera footage yesterday and the investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is ongoing. The footage shows one officer interacting with the victim at his window, while the other stands on the hood of his car. Young is seen rolling down his car window and asking the officer why they stopped him before turning the wheel and driving toward the second officer.

Shortly before shooting himself, Young was heard saying, “Are you going to shoot me?” he can be heard asking. The second officer then fires a single shot through the windshield, ultimately resulting in his death. Young’s vehicle continues moving forward until it crashes into the brick wall of the grocery store on the right. The police officer chases the moving vehicle and breaks the driver’s side window.

Officers called paramedics within 10 seconds of removing Young from his vehicle, and an emergency room doctor who was in the parking lot at the time began assisting police within 90 seconds, Blendon County Chief John Belford said Friday. treat. In the statement made on behalf of Young’s family after watching the footage, it was stated that Young’s death was “preventable” and an “act of hate”.

“Ta’Kiya was a beacon of love, strength and energy to all who knew her,” the statement said. “Her tragic death has left a void beyond words, especially for her two young children who now have to grow up without their mother’s love and guidance and begin to understand the circumstances that led to the murder.” o”. The statement also states that Young’s family wants a “quick investigation” into the police officer he shot.

The Town of Blendon has not yet identified any officers, citing Marsy’s Law, which aims to protect crime victims. But Young’s family identified the officer as Connor Grubb, who had been with Blendon Township since 2019, according to Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission records, The Columbus Dispatch reported.The co-pilot, who did not fire his weapon, put his arm and hand through the driver’s window as Young accelerated, making him the victim of misdemeanor assault, the department said. According to the statement, the second police officer who fired his gun was hit by a vehicle and became the victim of an attempted vehicular attack.

Capital City Lodge No. Brian Steel, vice president of the 9 Fraternal Order of Police, said the footage was difficult to watch but “based on my training experience, based on what I saw in that video, I understand why that might be justified.” But I say again, I do not make this decision. Ultimately, this decision will be made by the grand jury.”the truth is that Ms. Young was not shot for stealing alcohol. “He was shot for trying to run over another person after a serious robbery,”

She added. the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is conducting the investigation into the incident. Once the investigation is completed,The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office will present the case to a grand jury for review.Young’s death follows a series of fatal shootings of Black adults and children by Ohio police and numerous cases of police brutality against Black people across the country in recent years; these events led to widespread protests and lawsuits. police reform.



The teen was laid to rest at 4:30 p.m. Thursday at the Trilha do Ceu cemetery.