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Teresa Hanson, 54, is accused of plunging a four-inch blade into husband Paul’s chest three days after last Christmas. The grandma has now gone on trial for the alleged murder at their home in West Cowick, East Yorkshire.

Hanson denies the murder charge.

She says they had been arguing and she didn’t realize she’d stabbed construction manager Paul, also 54, when pushing him away while holding the blade.

She carried on chopping onions and was only alerted to something being wrong when their pet dog started barking and she noticed a blood trail on the floor, Hull Crown Court heard.

She made a 999 call on December 28 shortly after 7pm, telling an emergency operator she stabbed her husband “just out of anger”.

Teresa Hanson Age

Teresa Hanson age is 45 years old.

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Killed Hasband

She later said to cops arresting her: “I didn’t mean to do it, it was just an argument.”

“I was making f****ing tea.”

Her husband was pronounced dead on arrival at Hull Royal Infirmary hospital. Prosecutor Alistair MacDonald told the court Hanson deliberately thrust the knife into her husband’s chest before continuing to caramelise onions with the same blade.

He dismissed her account as a “lie”, telling the jury: “Injuries like that simply do n’t happen.”

He told the trial the defendant “lost her temper” after Mr Hanson said he didn’t want tea and told her to put it in the bin.

The prosecutor said that in a prepared statement the day after her arrest, Hanson accused her husband of being “verbally and mentally abusive” over the years.

She told officers: “This has been worse since he suffered a brain injury approximately 10 years ago. He is worse when he drinks.”

She described her husband coming into the kitchen after drinking wine, “in a bad mood” and “shouting” at her, MailOnline reported.

She said: “As I turned with the knife in my hand, he walked towards me and then I turned around.

“I had no idea that when he walked towards me, that he came straight at me and the knife went into him.

“The first I knew something was wrong when I heard the dog barking.”

Mr MacDonald said to jurors: “Does she really expect you to believe that she failed completely to notice that her husband, who must have been just a few paces away, was bent double moving away from her?”

“She did n’t notice any of that. She just went on calmly cooking onions with the same knife.”

He called her account of not noticing the drops of blood “nothing short of absurd”, the BBC reported.Home Office pathologist Dr Michael Parsons told the court:


“In my opinion, it’s highly unlikely that Mr Hanson walked on to a weakly-grasped “knife.”

The case continues.