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Theodore Weintraub, A rejected underage drinker accused of launching a wild smear campaign against the swanky Mark hotel in Manhattan, complete with paid protesters, said Friday he’s now on the wagon.

Theodore Weintraub, 19—who allegedly hatched the bizarre revenge plot after repeatedly trying to buy drinks at the hotel with a fake ID—told The Post he’s been sober since January.

“Six months and 28 days, 209 days of sobriety,” he said. “[It was] the proudest day for myself when I made that decision.”

The Upper East Side teen and son of a prominent doctor said his former drink of choice was the powerfully boozy Long Island Iced Tea.


Theodore Weintraub is 19 years old.

Rejected Teen Drinker Accused of Smear Campaign Against Swanky NYC Hotel

“Listen, I was young….it was a whole bunch of things,” he said of the cocktails he once guzzled. “I sobered up.”

Weintraub refused to discuss a lawsuit filed against him by the hotel — which alleges he hired protesters to wave signs accusing the business of supporting pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and “denying the Holocaust.”

The teen allegedly grew angry and aggressive after he was booted from the hotel in the summer of 2021, when he repeatedly tried to buy drinks, according to the lawsuit, which accuses Weintraub of defamation.

The suit claims he and other protesters began staging the bizarre demonstrations in June 2023—roughly five months after he says he stopped drinking.

Weintraub said he now opts for water with lemon, and has lost nearly 100 pounds after getting sober.

Weintraub — whose photo and story was featured on Page 1 of The Post Friday, with the headline “Sore Boozer” — was also spotted buying a copy from a supermarket.

He held up the paper, which also featured a smaller image of Donald Trump on the cover, laughed and declared, “I am bigger than Trump.”

“The size of the photo…my photo is bigger than Donald Trump’s,” he said.

Weintraub and other protesters allegedly also harassed VIP hotel guests, such as the rapper Drake on July 17, according to the lawsuit.

But the teen said Friday he “loves” Drake and even went to one of his recent concerts by him.

“It was a fantastic show. I enjoyed it. I got nothing against Drake,” he said.

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Asked about allegations that he staged protests and attacked hotel guests, he played coy.


“Hopefully, the full truth will come out and my side of the story will be heard. That’s the best I can say,” he said.