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Tierra Binion. A woman, a mother of twins, was shot dead Wednesday morning after being brutally beaten by a man and his girlfriend in a Florida bar.Police said the deadly argument that took place at the Mugs & Jugs bar and the drive-in service in Pensacola began with a 1 am fight between 25-year-old Tierra Binion and 23-year-old Rachel DeRise, and then spilled into the parking lot outside.

Initially the fight was “mutual,” until DeRise’s boyfriend Christian Ketchup stepped in and knocked Binion down with a blind fist, said Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons, “During the fight, Christian Ketchup jumps on [Binion] and punches him down and knocks him down.” . put it aside,” said Simmons.

Allegedly, DeRise continued to attack Binion, jumping on him and raining blows on his unconscious body. It was later alleged that the ketchup pulled out a pistol and fired seven shots at Binion, killing the mother at the scene.He then called the police and surrendered.


Tierra Binion age is 25 years old :

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Incident Detail 

The alleged murderer has been charged with murder and is being held without bail.DeRise was battery-charged for his role in the fight. He was released after the sheriff paid WEAR a $15,000 bail Thursday: “He threw ketchup punches at Binion – which may have knocked him unconscious – and then he jumped on him again and started punching him again,” the sheriff told WEAR.

“Obviously there’s no reason to do that. You could have easily walked away. This is not the kind of situation that would lead to a fight.”Mug & Jugs temporarily closed following the incident. Christian Ketchup allegedly shot Binion seven times while his girlfriend Rachel DeRise beat her unconscious body. The incident occurred in front of the Mug & Jugs bar and in Pensacola, Florida, early Wednesday morning.

Diamond Johnson, sister of WEAR Channel 3 NewsBinion, said the victim was a “sweet soul”.”The situation has escalated and has become irreplaceable,” Johnson told PEOPLE.”And now Tierra is gone.”Her sister said Binion shared her time with her husband and four-year-old son between Florida and Virginia and plans to enlist in the military.



The teen was laid to rest at 4:30 p.m. Thursday at the Trilha do Ceu cemetery.