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Trevor Taylor, An arrest has been made in the brutal, caught-on-camera death of a devoted Maryland father who was defending his son from school bullies, police said Wednesday.

Trevor Taylor, 26, of Glen Burnie, was busted in connection with the May killing of Christopher Wright, 43, and is being held on manslaughter, assault and disorderly conduct raps.

Wright suffered fatal brain damage after a trio of teenagers and two adults swarmed his Brooklyn Park home on May 19 to confront his 14-year-old son, Trenton.

Sources at the time told The Post Trenton had fought with another pupil, later identified in court papers as Taylor’s nephew, at school over $30.


Trevor Taylor is 26 years old.

Suspect in caught-on-camera beating death of Maryland dad finally arrested 2 months later

Taylor then came to Wright’s home alongside the nephew, two of his friends from him and another adult.

Taylor demanded the two boys fight outside the residence and told Wright he would attack him if they didn’t.

Afraid that the group would force their way into his home, Wright then punched Taylor before retreating behind a car.

Taylor then knocked Wright in the face and began beating him, before hoisting him off the ground and slamming him to the concrete, as captured in brutal security camera footage.

Wright’s head slammed into the ground as Taylor continued the assault.

That injury ultimately led to his death from him the following day, according to a medical examiner’s report.

Cops are not probing additional suspects in the case.

Court records show Taylor has several prior cases, including a 2015 forcible entry charge, a marijuana possession rap and traffic violations.

With his father bleeding on the ground, another one of Wright’s kids was heard yelping “Daddy!” as the assailants fled.

“That little kid’s scream is a scream that you’ll never forget,” a neighbor told The Post. “It was ear-piercing, his scream of him was. It was awful.”

Sources told The Post in late May warrants had been issued in the case, and Wright’s distracted wife, Tracy Karopchinsky, questioned the delay in arrests at the time.

Sources said authorities needed additional time to parse the circumstances of the incident because Wright threw the first punch as the confrontation escalated.

Local residents described Wright as a loving and devoted father who took care of his kids while Karopchinsky worked several jobs.

“She worked two doubles, had a job five days a week, while he took care of the kids. He was a Mr. Mom so they could pay the mortgage. Now her world de ella has been turned upside-down, because who is going to help with her kids de ella? the neighbor said.

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Wright posted a cheerful message on Facebook celebrating his family’s new home from him in the weeks before his death from him, which took place directly in front of it.


In his last social media post on May 5, Wright posted a text image that read: “No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each day and be thankful you still have one.”