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Tristan Tate, Social media personality who has sparked controversy, Andrew Tate’s brother, Tristan Tate, has stepped forward to offer Darren Till appropriate advice a month after Till lost all his money in the cryptocurrency market. The Liverpool native, Till was regarded as one of the top welterweights in the UFC.

He was reported to have made cryptocurrency investments. These endeavors, however, came crashing down when it was found that he had lost all of his money from him in cryptocurrencies. Losing money in the currency that duped many celebrities and followers is nothing new, as many of them have spoken out about it.


Tristan Tate is 34 years old.

Tristan Tate and Darren Till Discussed Crypto in a Twitter Thread

Till took to Twitter last month to reveal his harrowing story of suffering a massive financial loss as a result of cryptocurrency. He wrote, “Lost all my money in crypto.”

The younger Tate sibling, Tristan was moved by this. Tristan tried to add some levity to the situation by providing his opinions of him to Till. Tristan posted on Twitter, “If you haven’t pawned the watch yet you’re still above water. Sell it and buy s**tcoins :)”

Andrew’s divisive opinions on the global cryptocurrency industry and business have fanned online discussion. Notably, Andrew’s interest in cryptocurrencies inspired him to launch Hustler’s University in 2021, a school that advises students on the best times to acquire and sell crypto assets based on daily analysis.

Following the former kickboxer’s arrest in Romania in December 2022, the story took a drastic turn. Following that, local law officials seized around $500,000 in Bitcoins from the Tate brothers’ crypto wallets, according to CoinMarketCap.

A user reacted to Tristan’s Tweet, mocking at Till, “Damn, you ain’t lie. i think he pawned it after he read this. now he is broke broke. time for a go fund me.” Another one wrote, “Lmao this guy is defo a scammer” A user pointed at Tristan saying, “And you know Tates NEVER give crypto advice.”

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Andrew recently gave his unique perspective on Till’s last court appearance of him, making a strange similarity to what he refers to as a “Matrix Attack.” On Wednesday, the former UFC fighter appeared in Liverpool Magistrates’ Court, facing three counts stemming from an incident in Fazakerley the previous month.


Till he has pleaded not guilty to driving while disqualified on Ternhall Road, driving without insurance, and obstructing a constable in the course of their duty. Andrew resorted to Twitter to convey his feelings about him in response to Till’s legal troubles about him. He wrote, “#Freedarren What car? Where? What speed? Nah bruv. Matrix attack.”