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Troy Bohling, aka Troy Phillip Bohling, 30, has been identified as the American tourist who pushed two women down a 165 ft. ravine near Neuschwanstein ‘Cinderella’ castle in Bavaria, Germany. The incident left 22-year-old Kelsey Chang severely injured and her friend, 21-year-old Eva Liu, dead. Bohling has also been accused of attempting to sexually assault Liu before her death.

The man reportedly hailed from Lincoln Park, Michigan and was visiting Germany on a tourist visa. He is currently facing charges of murder, attempted murder and attempted sexual assault. In the wake of his arrest, Bohling’s neighbours said he was “quiet” and not friendly and was seen with his brother walking their cat “on a leash in the garden.”

Bohling is a 30-year-old man from Lincoln Park, Michigan, who has been arrested for pushing two American college graduates down a 165 ft ravine during a trip in Germany, killing one and injuring another. He is also facing allegations of attempted sexual assault against the deceased victim. Back in Michigan, Bohling reportedly lived with his brother Trevor in a $ 1,400-a-month single-story house about 20 minutes away from Detroit, the Daily Mail reported.

Neighbours said Bohling was mostly “quiet” and unfriendly. They also assumed that the brothers worked in oil fields and said they were often away for long periods of time. During their time at home, the brother mostly remained indoors and was only seen outside to “walk their cat on a leash in the garden,” a neighbour mentioned. “The family is weird. Troy would never look you in the eye when he came and went,” they added. “I’m shocked what he’s been accused of, I’m scared he may have done stuff here, and no one has figured it out yet,” the neighbour stated.


Troy Bohling is 30 years old.

American Tourist Who Pushed 2 Women Down Cinderella Ravine was Shy and Peculiar’

Bohling reportedly attended Allen Park High School near Detroit. His former classmates said he was “shy and inconspicuous.” They also mentioned that he played in the school band and had a girlfriend. A former friend, who used to spend time with the alleged killer in summer camps, said Bohling was “introverted, shy, quiet and a little peculiar” but ultimately friendly. He said his alleged act in Germany would be unlike “the Troy he knew ten years ago.” One person who knew Bohling briefly says that he reportedly spent a lot of time playing the ‘Dungeons and Dragons game in the library in his hometown of Allen Park.

The publication further reported that Bohling’s parent’s home is in Lake Erie. Following the man’s arrest, his mother, Mary, 54, denied that her son was in Germany. “My son is not in Germany at all. We have to find out what happened – we won’t comment,” she allegedly told German newspaper Bild as per the Daily Mail. His father was also seen frantically making calls on the phone, the outlet noted. According to court records, Bohling faced a charge of embezzlement in 2016 but did not face prosecution before the case was dropped.

Chang and Liu were reportedly on a trip of a lifetime in Germany after graduating from the University of Illinois before facing perhaps one of the biggest tragedies of their lives. Police said the two women met Bohling near the Marienbrucke Bridge overlooking the Neuschwanstein ‘Cinderella’ castle. While the victims did not know their alleged attacker, they were on the same-day trip excursion to the castle.

Authorities said that Bohling allegedly tempted the woman to show them an ideal spot for “romantic” selfies with a better view of the castle and lured them into following him off a trail. Shortly after, he attempted to “physically attack” Liu. When Chang tried to intervene, Bohling allegedly choked her and pushed her down a steep ravine. He then began “an attempted sexual offence” against Liu before pushing her down the same slope.

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Liu fell next to her friend, approximately 165 ft down the ravine. Both the women were airlifted and taken to the hospital. While Liu succumbed to her injuries and died, Chang miraculously survived and was later released from the hospital. Bohling, who was staying at a boarding house in the town of Oberstdorf, reportedly fled the scene but was caught after a massive police operation that involved 25 emergency vehicles.


He was later arrested at the scene, and a video of him being led away in handcuffs was shared on social media. The 30-year-old was taken to a police station in the nearby town of Fuessen but initially refused to talk to the police. However, officials said he “had his say in court” in front of an investigating judge before being remanded in custody. Prosecutors have said that the Bohling will be tried in Bavaria and not be extradited to the US.