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Troy Patterson, A police officer, who was in a comatose state after being shot in the head 33 years ago, has died. Troy Patterson reportedly died at a New Jersey rehabilitation center, after sustaining a gunshot injury on January 16, 1990. The Detectives’ Endowment Association shared the news on its Twitter page.

It tweeted, “It is with a heavy heart that the Detectives’ Endowment Association announces the passing of Detective Troy Patterson. Patterson was shot and severely injured in 1990 as he took police action when three criminals attempted to rob him while he was off-duty. The DEA will #NeverForget.”


Troy Patterson‘s age is unknown.

Detective in a Coma Since 1990 After Being Shot in the Head While Washing Car Dies

The post also included a statement from DEA President Paul DiGiacomo, which read, “Detective Troy Patterson was a hero of New York City, who inspired hundreds of fellow Detectives to continue his courageous, important crime-fighting work. Troy’s legacy will forever be one of service and sacrifice. The DEA will ensure he and his family are never forgotten.”

The Daily Mail reported that Patterson was 27 when he was attacked by three men. At the time, the cop was not on duty and was washing his car on Jefferson Ave in Bedford-Stuyvesant when the criminals — Vincent Robbins, 20, and Darren Crawford, 17, along with a 15-year-old named Tracy Clark, asked for $20 before shooting him in the head using a .38-caliber revolver. All of them were eventually charged and sent to jail.

Since then, Patterson had been in a vegetative state. However, his loved ones claimed that he used to feel their presence. The detective’s son, also named Troy, once told the Daily News, “He gets quiet, he listens. Sometimes, he hears my voice, he makes a moan, a noise. I can’t make out what he’s saying, but he definitely knows our presence.” Besides, Michael Greys, of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, reportedly said, “You could see glimpses of him still trying to come through.”

Following the 1990 shooting, Patterson’s former partner Darryl Hinkson said, “He was a good cop. To me, the best.” During a vigil in 2022, retired Detective Clifton Hollingsworth reportedly shared, “That day he was shot he was minding his business washing his car. His passion was to protect this city and to protect those who lived in this city. Troy Patterson’s legacy will live forever. He was a fighter, a trooper.”

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Hollingsworth also took to Facebook on April 30 and posted, “It’s with great sadness and a heavy heart that I inform the Facebook Family and Friends that a true Hero and Brother in Blue Det. Troy Patterson has transitioned to be with the Lord! Troy has been hospitalized after being shot in the head by three males who tried to rob him 32 years ago.”


He added, “As a member and founder of 100 Blacks In Law Enforcement I would like to thank the Police Department has shown the family nothing but love and supporting my efforts over the past 32 years to educate each Police Officer about Troy Patterson! No More Pain!!! May now the City will recognize Troy Paatterson as a hero and renamed the street after him!  No further information at this time!! Rest In Peace!!!”