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Christopher Talton Cater. Pelican State officials say a Louisiana man killed a seventy-year-old woman and walked around with her body for more than four weeks, while stealing her identity to get some credits. We’ve seen some strange cases in the Calcasieu District, but this is Calcasieu District Sheriff Tony Mancuso, “This is definitely an unusual situation for us,” said the August 22 press release. “We’ve never seen anyone walking around with a body in an SUV for 30 days.”


Christopher Talton Cater age is 41 years old.

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Incident Detail

Sheila Ortega, 72, was reported missing by family members on Sunday, August 20, the sheriff’s office said. Ortega’s relatives told lawmakers they hadn’t spoken to him in about a month. Around 3.30 in the afternoon. On the day of the report, law enforcement visited a residence as part of the investigation, but returned empty-handed.The next day would be a little more eventful.

CPSO said on Monday, August 21, detectives found the missing woman’s SUV in a shopping mall parking lot. Crews also found the woman’s lifeless body inside his vehicle. Detectives, who named Cater the “contact” in the investigation, found Cater at a workplace near where Ortega’s small truck was parked.The vehicle and the deceased were found at the Prien Lake Mall, according to Lake Charles-based NBC/CW affiliate KPLC.

The accused allegedly became the “contact person” of the case after he was seen driving the missing woman’s SUV the day he was reported missing. One MP even pulled him over. “He got into the system that evening,” Mancuso told KPLC. “Around 8pm. A deputy stops traffic, meets the man in the car and sees nothing. He (the MP) asked if he knew where he was, and he said ‘yes’.”The sheriff claimed that Cater told his first aide that he had taken Ortega to his friends in Arkansas and would have him back in a few days. Later, the accused was told he was free to go, she said.

The next day, a different police officer found the parked SUV and took the extra step to look inside it.”Obviously (this MP) took a little more initiative and found his body in the car,” Mancuso continued in a statement to KPLC. “We find him right nearby and when we confront him he says ‘I know why he’s here’.”The sheriff’s office said Cater, described as “Ortega’s acquaintance,” eventually confessed to killing him.

“When detectives spoke to Cater, he told lawmakers he killed Ortega about a month ago,” the CPSO’s press release states. “Cater also admitted to detectives that she made several loans after Ortega’s death using her knowledge.”Both the deceased woman and the alleged murderer hail from Lake Charles, a relatively large city in southwestern Louisiana, near the southeastern border of Texas, dominated by the petrochemical industry and Cajun culture.

“My prayers are for Ms. Sheila’s family and friends, this is a senseless and inhuman tragedy,” added Mancuso. “The body was sent to Ankara for further investigation and to determine the cause of death. A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told Law & Crime that due to the nature of the “ongoing investigation” there are no updates or additional details they can share. Public registration in the neighborhood for additional information and files on the case. requested.



The teen was laid to rest at 4:30 p.m. Thursday at the Trilha do Ceu cemetery.