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If there’s one person that truly stands out in ‘The View’, it’s Whoopi Goldberg and it’s mostly for the wrong reasons. In the June 23 episode of ‘The View’, one of the Hot Topic conversations was Geraldo Rivera’s departure from ‘The Five’. Introducing the topic, Goldberg said, “Geraldo Rivera says he’s leaving ‘The Five’ because of a growing tension that makes it not worth it.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin put their points across while Goldberg looked apathetic. She had a blank look and didn’t give her opinion as she sat silently, leaning her head on her hand. Griffin said his exit from her wo n’t make a big difference while Behar supported Rivera’s decision. After the discussion, Goldberg claimed that she didn’t care about anything her co-hosts said about Rivera’s exit from her before introducing the next hot topic.


Whoopi Goldberg is 67 years old.

From Silencing Co-Hosts to Staying Silent

Earlier, ‘The View’ co-hosts discussed Hunter Biden’s laptop, which has been a talking point since he decided to plead guilty to failure to pay federal income tax. Of course, each and every co-host was well invested in this conversation, but it didn’t take Goldberg long to snap as she wanted the laptop conversation to be done with.

In the middle of the conversation, Goldberg says, “I’m sick of hearing about that laptop. This laptop, I hope it just crumbles to death, I hate it so much.” In addition to that, Goldberg also says, “This is what I want. I want them to shut up about it then,” referring to Republicans.

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It seems like Goldberg can either be completely silent and disinterested during a conversation or snap at the matter at hand. And again, these are not isolated instances. In March 2023, when Behar, Griffin, Haines and Hostin were carried away with laughter during a segment on the show, Whoopi was uninterested in joining the discussion. She caught everyone by surprise when the show went to commercial as she said with a faint smile, “Thank goodness, we’re going to break.”