Zoraida Bartolomei and Alberto RolonZoraida Bartolomei and Alberto Rolon

Zoraida Bartolomei and Alberto Rolon Wiki- Zoraida Bartolomei and Alberto Rolon  Biography

Zoraida Bartolomei and Alberto Rolon Wiki – Zoraida Bartolomei was 32 and her husband Alberto Rolon was 34; They were both killed in their Romeoville home, along with their 10-year-old son Adriel, 7-year-old Diego and their three dogs. An Illinois couple and their two young children and the family’s three dogs were found fatally shot in their suburban Chicago home Sunday night in a suspected quadruple homicide, authorities said. The bodies of father Alberto Rolon, mother Zoraida Bartolomei and their two children were found around 20.40 pm. by Romeoville police after officers stopped by their home for a welfare check. The children’s names and ages were not released Monday. Additionally, 3 dogs were found shot to death in the house. Romeoville Deputy Police Chief Chris Burne said at a news conference Monday that police do not believe the deaths were the result of a murder-suicide. He also did not believe the surrounding community was at risk, although no arrests were reported.

Zoraida Bartolomei Age

Zoraida Bartolomei was 32 years old.

Alberto Rolon Age

Alberto Rolon was 34 years old.

Chicago couple and two sons shot Dead

The family of four, who were murdered along with their three dogs in their home in Illinois, was filmed for the first time while the police were trying to find the killer.

Zoraida Bartolomei, 32, her husband Alberto Rolon and their children 10-year-old Adriel and 7-year-old Diego were shot by a mysterious gunman Sunday at their family bungalow on Concord Avenue in suburban Chicago.

Romeoville Police Department investigators ruled out a murder-suicide and warned that the killer was still at large.

While their family said they had no idea why someone would want to kill them, Zoraida’s distracted sister also demanded answers.

Sharing the photo of the family on Facebook, Bryana Bartolomei said: ‘I want to know what happened to my nephews, my sister, her husband and WHY?

‘They were shot dead in their homes.’
In the photo, Zoraida and Alberto smile with their two young sons, one of whom playfully holds a lock of his mother’s hair.

A fundraiser was held on Monday to cover funeral expenses and raise awareness about their case, with their children described as ‘the sweetest, most innocent angels’.

Their friends described them as ‘hard-working people who had just bought their first home’.

“Their children were the sweetest, most innocent angels who could take away your worries,” she says at the fundraiser.

‘In just a few hours, their family’s life changed completely. ‘The world will be a much widower place without them.’

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Anyone with information about the armed attacker was urged to contact the police.

Zoraida’s Puerto Rican mother Lydia previously told DailyMail.com they were ‘very happy’ and bought their $250,000 Romeoville home five months ago.

The last time she spoke to her daughter was on the Saturday night, shortly before her death, as the family sat down to watch a movie, and she could n’t understand why they were being targeted.

Romeoville police officers found the slain family after they were asked to do a welfare check after one of the parents did not show up for work at 6 a.m. Sunday.

When officers arrived at 8.40pm that evening they were confronted with a scene of carnage.

The family appears to have moved to the United States in recent years, possibly from Puerto Rico, where Zoraida’s mother lived.

Zoraida was a licensed beautician, while her husband’s age and profession are unknown.

Romeoville Deputy Police Chief Chris Burne revealed few details at a press conference Monday, citing ‘the sensitivity of the case and the need to protect the integrity of the investigation.

However, he was sure that none of the dead were responsible and that the gunman had left the scene.

“As more than 18 hours have passed since we were contacted, we are not appealing to anyone for shelter,” he added.

‘We are not actively searching for anyone in the area but we always ask our residents to be self-aware and report anything they deem suspicious.’

Police believe the murders occurred between 9pm on Saturday, September 16, and 5am on Sunday, in suburban Chicago.

As part of the investigation launched yesterday, crime scene teams removed part of the window of the three-bedroom house and many brown and pink bags.


She narrowly avoided the death penalty at her own trial in 2021, and is now serving life without parole.